The Stainless Steel Kabob Skewers Rack – A Cave Tools Review


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Given my overwhelmingly positive experience with Cave Tools recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I was approached to review another product: the Kabob Skewers Rack. In my household, a great deal of our meals are made on the grill so we were thrilled to give this product a go. I’ve found that there are countless different dishes that can be produced using kabobs, from grilled fruit salads to grilled veggie medleys.

KabobsImage2.jpgPictured Above: The original packaging of the Stainless Steel Kabob Set from Cave Tools.


Notable Features:

  • A Change for the Better: The kabob skewers have a flat base, which keeps the food from sliding out of place during the cooking process, unlike many kabob skewers I’ve seen on the market, produced with a rounded base that doesn’t grip well enough.
  • Quick Clean: Both the stainless steel rack and skewers are very easy to clean! A simple wipedown does the trick in most cases.
  • Durability: The skewers are durable enough to pierce and cook a variety of foods, from tougher meats like roast and steak, to produce, like sliced zucchini (one of my personal favorites!) and cherry tomatoes. It can handle any dish you’re cooking up.
  • Storage Options: The skewers have holes at the end for alternative storage. Don’t want to stuff them in a drawer? No problem! Hang them on some hooks for later use and even easier access.
  • Perfect for all levels of expertise: This product is perfect for both beginners and experts alike! I, as a beginner with kabobs, found this product to be straightforward and incredibly easy to work with.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, Cave Tools has offered my readers (you guys!) a 15% off discount (on top of the already affordable price) on your own Kabob Set when purchased from Amazon!

For 15% off, use the following code: LHWJZQMZ

To check it out on Amazon (and use your 15% off coupon code with purchase), click here.

To check out the set on the Cave Tools website, click here.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments regarding Cave Tool’s Stainless Steel Kabob set. I’ll be happy to address anything you ask. If you purchase the set, I’d love to hear about your experience below. Drop by and let me know what you think and if you have any favorite dishes you’ve made using this product (I’d love to hear them!).




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Quality Meets Kitchenware – A Cave Tools Review

Note: I do not and will not ever endorse companies or products that I do not or would not use myself. I firmly believe in the quality of this company. This review is my honest, firsthand experience with the 3 piece stainless steel barbecue set from Cave Tools. 

As a college student, I am constantly looking for more bang for my buck. It’s a common assumption that, with all the expenses we carry as students, we are close to, if not already, broke. With that being said, when I am searching for quality additions to my apartment, I often tend to do my research first so my money doesn’t end up going to waste.

With that being said, I was thrilled when I was recently approached by Cave Tools, a kitchenware company that sells everything from barbecue sets to portable charcoal grills for reasonable, college-budget-friendly prices. The middle-aged adult in me was screaming with excitement knowing that I’d have some new kitchenware to work with in my journey to become a better cook. I was given several options to try for myself, and settled upon the 3 piece stainless steel barbecue tool set.

When it arrived after a few days of stalking the package delivery service around my complex (They started passing by me, saying “no packages for you today”, which was hysterical I must say), it was in its original Cave Tools packaging and the tools were secured down with twist ties (and many of them!). First and foremost, it leaves an excellent first impression when a company takes the time to secure the product in the packaging. Nobody wants to open a package after days or maybe even weeks of waiting to realize that their purchase was destroyed during shipment. I was very pleased with the quality and durability of my set.


When I removed the set, as well as the ties, and was able to hold the tools in my hands, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of each utensil. The build and the sturdiness of the tools was much better than I was expecting. When in use, the weight adds to the stability of the tools, which in turn improves their safety as well as functionality. I especially appreciate the fact that the tools are made with efficiency as well as aesthetic in mind. Not only are they sleek and modern, but they are also built of a material that can withstand many uses, they are at a length that assures that the user can safely deal with food on a grill with less risk of getting burnt, and they come with additional features such as a serrated edge on the spatula, which can be quite useful when preparing the meal before cooking as well as a bottle-opener, so you can host while you grill (think wine and dine, except in this case, grill and chill. I know, punny.)! The tongs have teeth on the edges which allows the user to turn meat with ease, which worked really well for me while preparing both hot dogs and turkey burgers. I find this set to be very useful and would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about cooking and is looking for a durable grill set for a relatively low price.

If you’d like to check out Cave Tools for yourself, they are offering you guys a 15% off coupon code (FWOBWJHP) when you purchase a grill set of your own from Amazon! You can also purchase this same grill set from the Cave Tools website. A great thing about buying from them is that they have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They care about their customers and stand behind the products that they sell. They believe in quality customer service, which is essential, especially if you’re a financially conscious consumer like I am. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and take advantage of the coupon code, and I hope you’ll check out what this company has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

Let me know what you think of the set if you do purchase it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience with the product as well.





Perfect Strangers

The night we fell apart, we were sitting at my table. I was working on a project, scrambling to finish it for critique the next day, unbearably tired and my stomach in vicious, relentless knots. You, with your doe eyes and heavy heart, were staring at me, wordless. All that could be heard was the Xacto-blade in my hand and the faint sounds of A Fine Frenzy chiming solemnly in the background. I asked you what you wanted. I asked if you wanted me anymore, if you could decide to continue loving me, or if your love was gone, my eyes barely leaving the task at hand, afraid to catch your gaze and read your response. I grew impatient by your silence, but remained calm. Your eyes lowered to your fumbling fingers, a sigh being released deeply into the quiet of my living room. More silence.

“I don’t know what I want. I’m scared that if I make a decision, it won’t be the right one…If we break it off, I know I’ll realize it was a mistake and it’ll be too late.”

It was my turn to sigh. I could feel my face getting hot, a tension building in my chest making it feel impossible to breathe. The shortness of my breath was making me weak but my feelings grew forceful.

“If you have doubt….” I paused, my head churning with exhaustion and hurt, “It’s over. I can’t be the only one who cares about us…”

A ringing in my ears became excruciating as I met eyes with you across that table. That same table we had grown our love, that same table we had sat at, flirting and exchanging quick kisses. The table that I would beg you to leave as I was cooking us dinner, smirking at you from the kitchen to join me, hoping that I’d feel you wrap your arms around me with that same sweetness you had given me countless times before. This time was different, however. You looked at me with eyes that had nothing left to give. Hands to yourself, you didn’t fight the doubt that had replaced what once was such a promising, mutual, deep-rooted and long established love. You put up no fight. After several unsuppressed tears and the realization of our separation had established itself, you departed hastily. And then I cried. I’m not exactly sure why I held back my tears while you were present. I think I wanted to be strong for you, no matter what your decision ended up being. But I cried for hours. I couldn’t sleep. Not for days, several weeks. Every single thing in my entire life reminded me of you and I could feel the heaviness of my broken heart and pounding headache pushing down on me. I wondered how long I could handle feeling so broken.

But now, we pass each other as perfect strangers. As if we didn’t spend three and a half years of our lives laying in your bed laughing at stupid television shows, exchanging loving glances at each other with or without the company of others as if we were the only one that the other could see, holding hands under the dinner table when we were out with your family, you knocking on my dorm window, my heart pounding at the excitement of seeing you again. As if we didn’t make late night food runs, giggling in the grocery store over silly things, as if we didn’t run to hold the door open for each other as a little game of who could be the most “gentlemanly”. As if you weren’t the only person I could see in a crowded room and the only eyes I’d want to meet, the only hand I wanted to hold, and the only heart I ever wanted to have. We pass each other like we were nothing more than co-humans living on this earth, close in proximity but barely aware of each other’s existence. As much as I don’t want you to be a stranger, I guess this is just how it has to be. Three years of love reduced to mere acquaintanceship.

Anjolee Jewelry Review + Ways to WORK a Statement Bracelet!

There’s nothing that completes a look quite like a statement piece of jewelry. With that being said, I am incredibly impressed with Anjolee’s customizable, hand-crafted jewelry. I was recently approached by Anjolee to write a review on a SB845 whitepiece of my choosing from the options provided. I ordered a stunning custom-made Timeless Dreams tennis bracelet with a silver band and CZs, and when it arrived, I could not wait to put it on my wrist! It came in a little blue drawstring bag, packaged sufficiently to avoid travel damage and the like. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of care that was put into packaging my piece and the promptness of the delivery. The bracelet is delicate, tasteful, and so classy. It is apparent that they put great thought into the details of the design. It has a nice little double clasp feature that keeps DSC_0033the bracelet firmly on your wrist by clipping one side of the bracelet into the other and locking it in place. The bracelet has just the right amount of glam and isn’t overwhelming, even for a little wrist like mine, making it super versatile. There are so many ways to wear the high quality jewelry that Anjolee has in store! Whether you’re dressed down for a casual outing or dressed up for a big night out on the town, Anjolee’s jewelry can provide just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble. They sell an assortment of jewelry, from bracelets and necklaces to engagement rings and wedding sets with a variety of ways to customize each piece, so there’s something for everyone!

DateLook copy

For a semi-casual date look or a low-key girl’s night, I’d pair my bracelet with a basic, dark wash pair of jeans, some feminine white strappies, and a girly peplum with pops of color. I love to wear my silver jewelry with bright whites as it accentuates the color palette of the look! The bracelet would add to the glamour of the entire outfit and would play off of the silver accents of the purse and the pink bow. I often like to dress more edgy than girly so the bold print of the iPhone case adds just a touch of my artistic side without taking away from the overall delicate look.


To dress up the piece with a tad more edge for a night out on the town, I’d pair it with a simple but elegant dress, a vibrant colored blazer, some chunky heeled ankle booties, a simple white clutch, and a pleather phone case to wrap up the entire look! The bracelet would play off of the elegance of the dress and would make the look more classy chic. When accessorizing, keep in mind that if you’re going to wear diamonds with a look, that they should not be overpowered by other jewelry. If you’re going to wear more jewelry beyond your diamonds, keep it consistent and try to avoid color clashing (example: silver and gold). It looks more put together when you add silver to silver, or gold to gold for you golden gals! Silver is my personal favorite!

If you’re looking for high quality jewelry at an excellent value for the price and are interested in knowing more about the pieces they sell, check out Anjolee’s website! On the website, you can explore the many customization options and the 360 views of each piece.

If you’d like to check out the gorgeous arm candy I had the pleasure to review (and want to purchase it so we can be twinsies!), click the following link: tennis bracelet diamond

How would you wear the Timeless Dreams tennis bracelet by Anjolee? Leave a comment below!


Ipsy’s July Glam Bag: First Impressions!

I’ve missed doing the whole beauty product review routine, so I’m back at it with my first impressions of Ipsy’s July Glam Bag, and boy, do I have a lot to say!


If you’re one of my regular readers, you’d know that I don’t prefer getting skin and hair products in my Ipsy bags, first off because with my hair, a sample size of hair product won’t do much. My hair is practically down to my hips and realistically, a sample size could probably only treat 1/25 of my tresses, give or take. Not worth the $10, to me. Secondly, my skin issues are something that I’ve been viciously battling for years and I’ve finally gotten to the point where my acne is “backing off”, with just a blemish or two, here and there. Now that my highly active skin is admitting forfeiture, I’m avoiding experimenting with new skin products for the most part. I stick to my guns about the lotions and cleansers I swear by and don’t generally deviate from them. With all that being said, let’s get started on first impressions.

I’m going to start with the products that I was highly impressed with. To start off, the beauty bag the products came in is SO. CUTE. Overwhelmingly cute. It’s bright, festive, and something I’d love to carry around in my purse! The bag is almost always as great as the products! I got five products total in my glam bag this month: a coral-toned nail polish, a 2-in-one eyeliner and shadow, a sample-size dry shampoo, a brightening serum, and a pair of brand new, baby-pink tweezers.

The first thing I stumbled across was the bubble-wrapped (already a plus!) nail polish. Ripping off the bubble-wrap excitedly, I was thrilled to see the Gel Effect Nail Lacquer by Aurora in the color #112, called “4 Alarm Fire”. The color is spot-on for Summer vacationing and a great pick-me-up for the Summer class blues. I was also blessed with a full-size nail polish instead of a sample size, but knowing how gorgeous this color is going to be against my olive tan, I could imagine this polish is going to go much faster than the others. Beautiful color, great texture, and it seems like an excellent, high-quality polish. I’m thrilled to try it on!

Next, I have the absolutely adorable pair of Crown Brush tweezers. I am the kind of girl that buys about ten pairs of tweezers, only to be able to find one around the house on rare occasions. I always lose my tweezers, even when I feel like I put them all in the same spot. Weird, right? So needless to say, I’m happy that they went ahead and sent me another pair. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the tweezers. The ones I’ve bought in the past were either plastic or a light metal, but this pair has some weight to it. I like that it has an angled plucking side so I’m able to grab hairs closer to the skin with ease. These will come in handy the next time I shape my brows. I’ll update you on their effectiveness.

I then grabbed the Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow. When swatched on my hand (which is slightly darker than the shade of my face, as my body tans a million times more than my face ever does! ha!), the pencil is a deep chestnut color with a mauve undertone, which is something new and different on my end. This color is going to probably be my new go-to eyeliner this Summer when I’m looking for a more subtle, dewey look and trying to avoid the harshness of black eyeliner. There’s a time and place for a smokey eye, and many more times and places for a moderately nude face, which I know this pencil will help me achieve. And the absolute BEST PART of this pencil is that it is cruelty-free! Hallelujah to that! I love receiving cruelty-free products!

*Sigh* Alright. Now, we’re onto the two-products that I just…don’t know how to feel about yet. Both are sample sized; one is a hair product, the other is a skin product. The skin product is by pur~lisse and is an “ultra skin brightening serum”. I’ve never had anything like that before, and I’m willing to try it, but I don’t know how a sample-sized skin product is going to make that much of a difference. I’ll let you guys know. As for the hair product, I received an Eva-NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo which, even though it’s a sample size, would probably be more useful out of the two, seeing as the weather where I live is on and off, and dry shampoo is something I can always use to rejuvenate my hair when it’s as tired of the dry heat as I am. It’s promising. Plus, I can put in in my book bag or purse to carry on the go! I’ll find a use for it.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first impressions review and I look forward to continuing to write here in the future! Leave a comment if you’d like.

If you have requests for posts or want to contact me regarding a product review I’ve written, a potential product review, or anything else business/blog related, shoot me a message at!

Thank you for reading, and have a beautiful day!


Outfit of the Day: Mall + Dinner Date



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