Since When Did Every Spot Become a Blind Spot?


Large campuses house an equally large population of students. I get that. But I do, however, have a fight to pick with students, people in general, that can’t let go of their phones when they’re walking on campus. Why is it that, when I am slowly weaving through the maze of students on my way to my morning class, barely keeping my bike moving, or even upright, at the pace that I’m treading along, that the majority of them are legitimately not looking in front of them before they walk? What text message is so important that you have to answer it in the middle of the road, the middle of the sidewalk, in a doorway? Stop flailing your arms and throwing f-bombs and shooting the bird when you’re the one making the mistake, my friend. It’s not car driver’s fault that they’re driving where they’re designated to drive, or the bike rider’s issue to watch your back when you’re not even watching out for yourself. When is it ever okay to stand in the middle of the road, with or without a phone, if there’s traffic present? That phone you have glued to your face? Yeah, that. It’s a safety hazard. For both you AND me. And you know what? The fact that you thinkย it’s your right toย choose that for the both of us just plain sucks. You suck. I hope that text was worth raising my blood pressure, because right now, it’s boiling.

7 responses to “Since When Did Every Spot Become a Blind Spot?

  1. Can’t stand the people that are constantly glued to their phones, it’s so annoying. I totally agree with you!


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