20 Things I Wish I Could Do Right Now


1. Go home to South Florida to have some time to myself. It’s about time that I get to breathe in the sea air and the warm breezes. There’s something about my hometown that is addictive to me, that my current city cannot provide.

2. Move out of this apartment and never look back. And into a real apartment, which I will be doing in the coming fall, now that I’ve signed my first lease.

3. Write a novel and have it published. I write so much in my spare time but it never sees the light of day. I’m hoping one day it will get some fresh air. It must be invigorating to get your thoughts out to the world in a large-scale kind of way.

4. Take my ipod, put it on a fast-paced playlist, and go on a run until I feel like my legs are going to give out. I used to go on midnight runs around campus, and I think I might make this a thing again.

5. Find creative inspiration. It’s been bogged down so badly by all the stress I’ve accumulated lately that I barely want to create. It’s a shame, and I want the colorfulness of my life to return.

6. Vlog. Lately, it’s been all class, work, and exams. Like I said. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

7. Start teaching spin classes again. It’s the only thing I don’t mind waking up earlier than the sun for. I always come out of my classes feeling much happier and more motivated than when I came in.

8. Paint a large-scale piece. I wish I had a massive canvas that was big enough for me to use my body as a medium on.

9. Learn the acoustic guitar, finally. It’s been gathering dust in my room and I really want to give it the love and attention it deserves.

10. Have a 90210 marathon. I can never get enough of it, and I’m dreading when I finish the series. I should savor it, but I really just want to know what’s happening next.

11. Cook a romantic dinner. With candles, ambiance, delicious food, and great conversation.

12. Bike at least 10 miles each night. Not in a matter of needing to get somewhere, but for the joy of getting there. When I feel the air in my lungs, the wind in my face as I speed up, and my heart racing, I feel like I’m reborn. There’s nothing comparable to exercise, when needing clearance of the mind.

13. Listen to my music on the loudest volume imaginable, with a bass that’ll make the walls shake. Yes please.

14. Give a speech and not feel a bit anxious. Just speak from the heart.

15. Photograph a wedding or other special event. I love being a part of something emotional and significant in someone else’s life, and knowing that I contributed to that moment in a positive way.

16. Go to a concert that lasted all night. There would be no rush, no curfew, just positive vibes and the sense of community amongst the audience. I would prefer something mellow at this moment, or perhaps something more soulful.

17. Have a slow dance under the stars to the music of a live band.

18. Get together with a bunch of friends and sit around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and reminiscing about past memories.

19. Sing karaoke confidently in a restaurant and get a standing ovation.

20. Introduce ten new, creative people into my life at this very moment.

2 responses to “20 Things I Wish I Could Do Right Now

  1. Wow! This is so well written! I want to do many of the things on your list too! 90210, paint, exercise. Life is too fast paced sometimes, don’t you think? Sometimes i feel like we should just take out time to observe and really feel what we’re doing. Well, good thing summers finally here! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Thank you, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to take the time and give the little things the attention they deserve, if only I had the free moments to spare. But like you said, Summer’s right around the corner and I cannot wait to spend that time to recuperate! Especially with the exercise! College exam studying is no joke, especially at this time of year….


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