Daily Writing Prompt: Your character has experienced another’s vulnerability.


“How do I know that it’s going to be different this time around? How many times are we going to keep finding ourselves fighting for something that may not even….happen?” I gulped at the thought, a sharp feeling in my throat that felt a lot like sandpaper….and doubt.

His face contorted to a much angrier expression, his fists clenching at his sides until the skin had turned bone white. I had never seen him filled with such fury. “You don’t know. And you’ll never know if you don’t give me a chance!” He shook his head, his eyes lowered. “I thought you’d give me the chance. I thought you’d give me the benefit of the doubt…I messed up. But I’m different now…” His voice had become softer, significantly less aggressive. I could feel my heart sinking, as he became increasingly sullen. He looked away to cover what looked to be a pooling of tears in his hazel eyes. He never wanted me to see him vulnerable, because he had often said that vulnerability was a sign of weakness. I begged to differ. I embraced his shoulders in my hands, as if to give him support. His body felt cold under my touch.

“I don’t know, David… Betrayal is not something easily forgotten…” He shook his head, refusing my words. “But David, I’ll do what I can.” His bloodshot eyes rose to meet mine. There was apology in his gaze, and I took it graciously. He was worth the second chance.

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