From Everything to Nothing in the Blink of an Eye


Something I have struggled with throughout my life is the concept of losing a friendship. And I’m not talking about the justified loss of friendship. Not because you had a fight, not because you don’t like each other anymore. Just due to time, distance, and difference. How is it that people can grow so close, so accustomed to each other’s little habits and quirks, tell each other each and every minute detail of life down to the things you’d probably never ask to know….and they can grow apart, act as if they’ve never met not spoken? How is it that one day, you can know each other’s “type”, each other’s favorite movies and food, and the conflicts that arise in their family matters that irk them to no end, and then another day goes by or even several, and suddenly those little details of each other’s personality are flushed down the drain never to be retrieved or recalled again? Is it ever really that easy to forget? Are good friends so easy to replace that they shouldn’t be given the appreciation they deserve for the time and effort they’ve contributed to the relationship? Why are we so ready to let go, when we have so much to hold onto?

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