Daily Writing Prompt: Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, Happiness is…

1. Happiness is the lingering embrace of a loved one after a long stretch of being apart.

2. Happiness is the sweet taste of coffee upon my tongue in the light of an early morning sunrise.

3. Happiness is a warm smile being received and returned by a complete stranger in passing.

4. Happiness is looking out of your bedroom window and seeing the sunlight tenderly reflecting upon the leaves in the trees.

5. Happiness is breakfast wrapped up in bedsheets after a night of much needed sleep.

6. Happiness is knowing that, in less than a month, I will finally be home in South Florida, enjoying the warm sunshine and comfortable breezes of the ocean.

7. Happiness is a shared laugh with a friend after a stressful day in class.

8. Happiness is acknowledging and accepting that I’m growing up and growing into myself wonderfully.

9. Happiness is slipping on a new pair of heels and a killer new outfit and feeling gorgeous all day.

10. Happiness is taking the world as it is and loving every moment that passes, and every opportunity that awaits.

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