Real Friendship Is Really Hard

This. This is exactly how I feel sometimes.

Thought Catalog

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 1.38.27 PMGirls HBO

Friendship is hard sometimes.

One of my closest friends is one of those people who have so many social engagements she has to pencil me in for weekend hang outs. I watch her pull out her cute, girly calendars and write my name in her precise handwriting and wonder how she manages it. This makes me simultaneously jealous and grateful. I just couldn’t do it; keep up with so many people. I have four close friends and sometimes that feels like a lot, I occasionally even feel overwhelmed and then inevitably wonder if that is normal.

I sit in this weird lumpy arm chair somewhere between introverted and extroverted that often leaves me speculating which side I should lean toward. Can I be both? Are people even allowed to be both? I have no problem talking to people, for the most part, but damn, does it get exhausting…

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