Acceptance Comes with Time

acceptance wordle

I’ve learned to accept that there are going to be things in life that I won’t be able to change. As much as I don’t want to admit that I’ve accepted disappointment in the past, it was crucial for me to acknowledge the benefits that being accepting has brought upon my life. Here are some of the realizations that I have come to:

1. Not every relationship will work, because whether you like it or not, not everyone is compatible.

Love is something that is naturally there, but as people differ, so do our needs in a relationship. The importance of happiness in a relationship is extraordinary, but unfortunately not every relationship will fulfill those needs. It’s important to come to terms with the differences and find happiness in yourself when you find yourself alone. With or without your one true love, your life will inevitably go on.

I had to come to terms with this again today as I watched the new CTFxC video posted today, because I am truly in love with Charles and Alli as a couple. I’ve always been a fan of them as people and as a partnership, but then again, I was viewing their relationship from the outside looking in. I felt distraught by their decision to separate, but after a few minutes of thinking it over, it’s not my relationship. It’s theirs. If they find that their relationship is no longer happy, they need to rediscover happiness. It’s difficult to come to terms with as someone who’s followed all of their vlogs, but I know that the difficulties they’re enduring in the time of their separation is much more difficult than my sadness of their separation. They need to find happiness. I accept it and them as separate entities looking to move on.

2. Faking it until you make it doesn’t work with happiness.

It works with a lot of things, but the ability to experience happiness is developed and is a conscious process. You need to accept happiness into your life with open arms, even in times of hardship. It’s the only thing that can heal you from the pain you endure from sadness, disappointment, and suffering. Happiness leaves us believing that there are better things on the horizon, decreasing the significance of our little trips and falls along the way.

In the past, I have tried to “pretend” to be happy. I put pretend in quotations because it’s not like, at the time, I was incapable of happiness. I was just more miserable than happy.But once I started giving happiness the reins in my life, a world of possibility opened before me. Happiness can’t be faked, because with happiness comes more happiness. Bad fortune doesn’t cling to those who are satisfied with life.

3. Comparing yourself to another individual does not create any positive change within your own life, and will not make you better.

Although it can spark competitiveness that way benefit one, it can also leave the doors open to disappointment and discouragement in one’s own ability.Each individual has their own strengths.Don’t let the strengths of others make yours look miniscule.

This issue, I find, is very prominent in the educational years. We’re at an age, in college, where we’re battling to the death to get internships and even starting jobs. One little thing can make or break your presence in an interview and put your opportunity in someone else’s hands. Just know that there are so many opportunities available to students, and if one opportunity passes you by, there will be a handful of others following behind. It”s not the end of the world if someone else is better with group work, or has more of a creative streak. You got this! Be confident in your abilities, because you may have something over the next interviewee that they would kill to possess.

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