Daily Writing Prompt: Do you feel comfortable asking others for things (“asker”), or do you feel uncomfortable asking and wait for it to be offered (“guesser”)? Are you an “asker” or a “guesser”?


Hm. In my more introverted phase, I could’ve easily classified myself as a “guesser”. I refused to ask for something out of the fear of offending the person I was asking, or making them feel as if I weren’t competent to complete tasks on my own. Now, though, I lean more towards the “asker” side, simply because there really is no time to waste waiting. If I need something that I know that someone else can reasonably provide, I’m more likely to ask than to sit on it, because I know that people can’t read minds. Others won’t be able to know what you want and need unless you talk to them about it, because they have their own wants and needs that need to be fulfilled as well. However, when it comes to both “askers” and “guessers” in my life, I try to accommodate both, which can be somewhat tricky. With those who confront me about the things they need, more often than not, I am able to provide help in some way, and I have no problem with reasonable requests. With those who are “guessers”, however, a significant amount of critical thinking comes into play. What is going on in their life? Did they mention anything recent that they may not be able to accomplish on their own? What weaknesses do they have that may prevent them from accomplishing specific things? With “guessers”, I find myself guessing a lot, too. But not only am I guessing. I am using the reluctancy of a “guesser” because I, too, have to watch for the feelings of others. Offering a service that may not necessarily be needed can potentially leave an uncomfortable air between the two parties, and I try to avoid making others feel as if they need help when they actually do not and prefer not to receive help. It’s a tricky situation over all, but if you know what to ask for and how to ask, more often than not, it can work in your favor.

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