Daily Prompt: Incorporate the word “epitome”.

She shoved me on her way past, a smirk crossing her face as she turned to look at my reaction. She was getting that sweetly satisfactory look that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. Part of me felt like she enjoyed my suffering, but deep down somewhere, I was willing to take the hit. I think it was only for her, only for those crystal blue eyes. They were mesmerizing and awful. She could convince me of anything at the drop of a hat, certainly that I were the mouse laying under her claws for good reason. But she was smiling smugly now, that over the shoulder glance, a second thought. I was wrapped around her finger, a mere play thing, just waiting for her to sink her teeth into my now heated flesh. How could I go from angry, to tempted….so quickly?

“Don’t look at me like that,” I sighed under my breath, accompanied by a frustrated shake of the head. It was embarrassing, the type of crap I’d endure for that smile.

“Like…what, exactly? Does it bother you when I play?” She had turned her body to face me now, her head tilted as if I had given her something to think about, which I knew I hadn’t. I could feel the back of my neck getting damp with sweat as I contemplated a quick response. I was never quick in these types of situations.

“You know, you’re the epitome of a stubborn child. You’re so stubborn, and you almost never tell me what’s going on in that head of yours…Why can’t you just let me in? I’m not like you, like this,” I said, pin pointing her schoolgirl behavior. My voice lowered, and I could feel butterflies forming in the pit of my stomach, rising viciously into my throat. “Just let me in…”

Just as I had responded with fervor, she had sunken into herself, that girlish persona I had seen, so confident and sassy before, now being scolded by her thoroughly disappointed father. She was afraid of that head shake, that desire to have her different than her current state. Realistically, I’m not a scolder. I’m a listener, a calm responder. My patience ran thin. Sometimes it runs way too thin. Especially with her.

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