Daily Writing Prompt: What is one phrase that makes you cringe and why?

There are so many phrases that people use in conversation that leave my skin crawling, but I’d have to say the misuse of the phrase, “I couldn’t care less” takes the cake for me. When people misuse this phrase, they end up saying the exact opposite of what they mean, blurting out “I could care less”, meaning that they do have some care present and that their care could be reduced in that situation. And surprisingly, more often than not, when people misuse this phrase, they are actually conveying what they’re feeling of the situation. They actually DO care about the situation and want to come off as “disinterested” and “disconnected”, which turns out to not be the case.

Which leads me to this last thought: try your best to express what you feel rather than using cliches to express your thoughts. It’s more genuine and understandable when you’re describing from the heart, rather than repeating the phrases stored in your head. You know?


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