Thought List of April 16, 2014

1. Is that coffee in the fridge still good? Or did I seriously just waste the last bit of creamer in my fridge, upping the potential of a final’s week meltdown?

2. One step outside this morning, and I felt like my toes were going to fall off. It’s best if I don’t lose my toes before finals week.

3. It’s weird having a schedule where I’m basically finished by 12:00 PM, because then everyone’s still in class, and I’m just straight chillin’, waiting for someone else to say that their class got canceled.

4. Where did all my napkins disappear to, anyway? Seriously, I know you’re a mess, but chill with that.

5. I think the name “teriyaki” should be changed to “teriyummy”. Let’s be honest. The name is misleading.

6. If I rolled off of my bed right now, I’m pretty sure I could break something. I think I should put “mountain climber” on my resume because of this. Climbing this bed is an adventure.

7. One of my toes refuses to be a team player.

8. I think all the COM majors in this class are perfect for their major, because they NEVER STOP TALKING.

9. Bikes are probably the best and the worst thing to ever happen to college campuses.

10. I’m playing with the idea of turning a blip of my writing into a novel.


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