Daily Writing Prompt: What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

This prompt actually gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach, because nobody likes to feel like people are criticizing them for who they are. I certainly don’t. As much as I wish people didn’t say hurtful things about each other, I know it’s inevitable. With that being said, I would hope that no one would call me selfish again. Yes, again. The first time someone said that to me completely changed my perception of myself as well as others. I began reevaluating all of the acts I had committed in the weeks prior to that, how I had interacted with other people, and what I had been doing to my friendships to end up with such a piercing word lingering at the mouth of someone I thought I had always treated as greatly as I had myself. She was right. I was being selfish, and I was repulsed by it. But this was a couple of years ago. Fast forwarding to the here and now, I’ve learned from that. It sucked being told such a painful truth from someone that I admired, but it was a truth, and I used it to make myself better. I’ve learned to be more conscious about my motives and more honest about what I need and what I’m willing to give. Being called “selfish” empowered me to change my ways, to redirect my focus to those around me and slightly minimize my own concerns in the process. Some people say that you should keep yourself at an equal level to others when figuring out what’s important, but I think lowering myself down a tad more than everyone around me made me more perceptive towards the needs of my friends and peers. I needed that wake-up call to give my friends a friend that they could rely on, which they deserved, and at the time, I had forgotten how to do. That thought always lingers in my mind, even today. I just needed a shove in the right direction to improve my ability to consider others as if they were myself. I would never want to be called “selfish” again.

Now let me ask you this, my darling reader. What is one thing you hope other people would never say about you? Have you said the same things to others, and how has that affected them in the long run, do you think? How have labels helped you become the person who you are today?

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