Daily Writing Prompt: What makes you feel beautiful?

The term “beautiful” is different for each person. Beautiful, to me, is the feeling of being happy and comfortable within one’s self. As a kid, I didn’t know what being beautiful entailed, but I was certain that I didn’t have it, even with the reassurance of those around me. As I developed into my current self, though, I started to define it as my comfortableness in myself, the parts of me that made me feel special and unique. One of the specific instances in which I feel at my most beautiful is when I buy a new outfit that hugs my curves and exhibits my feminine figure, because in the past, I never felt like dressing up was a flattering thing on me. As a kid, I never really had a figure so coming into my teen years and filling out did wonderful things for my confidence. In the past, I would’ve never dared to wear something that would reveal, rather than conceal, my figure so I’ve definitely grown confident and comfortable in my own skin. However, feeling beautiful is not always a physical thing. It’s not always about how we exhibit ourselves through our aesthetics.

I think that I was so focused on what was considered physically beautiful by others that I forgot that I could define it, too, in terms that weren’t formulated around a specific “look”, but a mindset. Beauty isn’t about what others think. It’s about how you feel. It’s a state of mind that reveals itself in moments when you feel at your most confident. A new outfit that exhibits my confidence in my body makes me feel beautiful just as being able to speak my mind makes me feel beautiful. Beauty allows one to reveal their true self, their real, flesh and bone self.  There are so many things in my life that make me feel beautiful, but the moments I feel most beautiful are the ones where I’m unafraid to reveal the parts of me and my personality that I’ve grown to love and accept.

4 responses to “Daily Writing Prompt: What makes you feel beautiful?

  1. Thoughtful and true! My blink response to your question is, I feel most beautiful when I feel well and loved. Pretty clothes, make-up, perfume help ❤


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