Random thought: I think I’d be happier if friendships weren’t defined by a grey scale.

If my friendships were defined in black and white terms, I think I’d be much happier. There are so many people currently in my life right now that I have no clue where I stand with, and it’s unsettling. You’re either someone who wants to be friends, or you’re someone who doesn’t want to be friends. Why make it so complicated? I don’t want to invest the time and effort into people who don’t feel the same way, and lately, I feel like I’ve done that a lot. Let’s be real.

5 responses to “Random thought: I think I’d be happier if friendships weren’t defined by a grey scale.

  1. I know how you feel! I am easily annoyed by others, so I assume that I am also annoying in some way that I am not even aware. It makes it more complicated,


    • It’s difficult when we think we know how people are thinking and feeling and use that to make assumptions. *sigh* I really need to give others more time to speak up what they need, but I feel like, even if I did, they wouldn’t at the chance of hurting feelings. You know?


      • Yeah, you try to pick up people’s subtle hints, but we’ll never know EXACTLY what others think of us. I’ve come to the conclusion that others can say bad things about me as long as it doesn’t come back to me. It’s called venting, and it’s healthy. Just because you’re aggravated at one aspect of a person, doesn’t mean you don’t like another aspect of the same person. I also assume that if I call and want to hang out, and the other person agrees, then that person genuinely wants to spend time with me, but just in case – I’ll try to make their time with me as pleasant as possible…


  2. Totally understand. I wish people would just say how they feel with honest communication. Here’s to hoping in the future we find people that act that way!


    • I’ve been lucky to find very few people in my life that are completely honest, and they certainly make up for the ambiguity that everyone else gives me. If only we could all be honest. I guess that’s why I blog πŸ˜‰


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