Moment of Truth

My baby a.k.a. my MacBook, the device that I practically keep my entire life on, is going in to the shop today, and I’m going to have to suffer through a few days without him while he’s getting repaired!!

I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll be able to aid him back to health without my worst fear: all of my writing, photographs, and everything else being completely wiped from the hard drive. But knowing my luck, and knowing how much he’s been misbehaving, this may be my fate. Gosh, I really, truly hope not.

Everyone I talk to says the same thing, too: “It’s technology. It will deteriorate with time.” Now is not the time to pull your technology hate spiel about how your cousin’s father’s sister’s brother’s dog’s second owner’s computer exploded spontaneously one day and they swore off technology to live in the mountains with the complete elimination of technology. I don’t care, and I don’t want to know that my baby won’t get fixed. Cut the crap and cross your fingers for me, too, okay? Jeez.

2 responses to “Moment of Truth

  1. I know exactly what youre going thru since Ive been there too. Wish you all the best. Please keep up the great writing and sharing too.


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