The Moment of Truth: Positive Outcomes out of Negative Circumstances

6 hours in the Apple Store backing up my laptop that crapped out, running out to buy an external hard drive (on my emergency card, nonetheless) so the employees wouldn’t so kindly take the opportunity to delete about 5 years of my life in homework assignments, vacation pictures, photography, important notes, and documents, manually dragging every folder because the employee I was receiving assistance from “couldn’t find the problem” files that kept hindering the process of backing up my computer, and insisted on taking a massively long “15 minute” break, and because of that, not eating or using the bathroom for 9 hours straight. I had so much fun that day, I think I could scream. In every apple employee’s ear. Until they all feel the intense ringing I was enduring in mine. Sorry for the run on, but I was running on fumes.

But today, of course, I am feeling much, much better. The ringing has gone away, as I have slept enough to get over the pain, and I finally have my laptop back after a couple of days of it being in repair. Thankfully, it works better than it did before, which is always a good thing, and it is practically a clean slate, untouched. I’ve just started to put my most important files back onto my computer, and I was able to preserve the writing that I had done for the past couple of years on my external, so no hard work was lost. Although it was a stressful, seemingly impossible experience, I am thankful that I got the most important things off of my old hard drive before the store’s closing time, and managed to get it repaired on such a timely basis. When there is a will, there is a way, and this week has proved just that. If my laptop can self implode during finals week and not give me a panic attack, I’m pretty sure I’m indestructible. I’m made of steel or something. Or maybe just my nerves are.

But either way, the lesson of the day is to do whatever you can. Don’t give up when times feel impossible. Some things can be prevented or made into better situations with a little persistence and optimism. Don’t give up when you’re climbing the hill, because there will be times when you won’t have to struggle to climb longer, when you can just let go and let life take its course. There will be times you won’t have to push so hard to move forward, and those times are worth the struggle that precedes.

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