5 Thoughts that Occur in the Closing Days of Finals Week

Now that my second year of college has finally come to a close, I wanted to share the thoughts that I find are very common during these anxiety-filled closing days of the semester. We’re all stressed, and therefore everything seems like a much larger task than it actually is. But the incentive of summer is well worth the sleepless nights and unsightly exam attire that precedes it.

What are your exam week thoughts?


1. Another early morning AGAIN? Do I really have to set an alarm hours early for another morning exam? I don’t even want to get out of bed. I don’t want to move. Wow, my sheets feel so nice right now. I wish they’d engulf me. My eyes are closing….Oh no….maybe it can snooze for another hour….Yeah, I can afford that….I’ve kinda studi…..studied……*passes out*

2. I don’t want to put on clothes. I don’t want to get cute today. Where’s my makeup?….I don’t need makeup….Sweatpants it is…..Baggy jacket? Sounds good, too. Mmm…..I feel like I haven’t gotten out of bed, in all these comfy clothes….I wish I could just sink into them….disappear in their fluffy goodness…..

3. It’s been a whole 10 minutes of nonstop studying. I think I deserve a snack….Maybe I could browse Facebook a little bit…..it couldn’t hurt…..Wow, this looks like a funny video….This reminds me. I haven’t watched my show in a while, and they have a new season on Netflix, too! Okay, one episode, only one….*finishes episode* Wait, Jack did what? No. No. No no no no no. I need to know what happens…. *repeat process of procrastination for the next three hours*

4. I studied. I feel confident. I’ll pass with an A. *gets into test room* I know I’ll get at least a B. *tests are passed out, and you start to feel butterflies in your stomach* As long as I pass this exam, I’ll be good……

5. Exams are done. I can breathe. I can finally breathe. Everything is great. *gets text from parents explaining when they’re coming to pick up you and your packed apartment* Oh no. That’s what I was missing. My room…..it’s a mess, all of it…….THEY’RE COMING TOMORROW. NOTHING IS PACKED. WHERE’S MY PACKING SQUAD? CAN WE RAINCHECK? OH GOD, IS THIS SERIOUSLY ALL ON ME? (Yes, yes it is)

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