Living In Two Cities

Every time I come back to my hometown (er…home CITY), it’s a different experience. I think the reason is that I’m gaining and losing friends from here all the time, so I never have the same memories, because I’m spending my time with different people each Summer. People write me off because I’m away at college and am not an exceptional texter, or because they don’t think I have the dedication to the friendship necessary for long-distance friendships. Whatever the reason may be, they practically weed themselves out without me having to do anything. The closest friends I’ve made in my home city have stuck by my side through and through, so I have no doubt about the ones that are willing to wait a bit for a text response and continue to update me on the happenings of their lives. I never used to be comfortable or okay losing friends, but the ones that have been most important to me, at least most of them anyway, have proven and proven again that no distance, no lack of contact, and no argument ย could ever break us apart. I’m not so distraught when I lose friends anymore because now I know who is willing to stay and continue to be good listening ears, shoulders to lean on, and sources of happiness, rather than stress. Does anyone else feel this way when they come home from college?

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