5 Reasons to Take a Chill Pill (Figuratively, Of Course!)

You have a meeting in 30 minutes. You look like a hot mess because your car broke down on the way out, you forgot the supplies you needed for that day, and your cell phone is halfway dead. Why is it that we always resort to blaming ourselves for the circumstances we can’t prevent, or for things not working out ideally? We are human after all! Here are the reasons why you need to let your human-ness flow.

1. Most of the occurrences that we stress about are, realistically, much smaller and less important than other things but become projected to much larger proportions in the situation. We need to rationalize this. Does it really matter in the scheme of things, or is it just a bump in the road of the day?

2. There are others suffering much worse fates out there than our dead cell phones. I know it sucks to be cut from the outside world and to not be able to receive that cute little morning text you long for at the coming of each day, but you know what’s happening out them? Starvation, war, foreclosure, homelessness, unemployment. Tons of things that some of us are lucky to not have in our lives as much as others. Do yourself, and another, a favor and put your life into perspective by what you are lucky to have at that moment, rather than what is going wrong. And while you’re at it, if you can, give some of your time to help a good cause. The thankfulness and fulfillment of others is always something that can fulfill those who understand the importance of their contributions to the world around them.

3. You make mistakes, as humans are destined to do. You may say dumb things sometimes, or trip over things unexpectedly, but we all do it. We’re not perfect, any of us. I’d love to make a joke about how I’m the only one who is, but we’ve all established that we’re simply not and that the little quirks we have make up our characters. So flaunt those two left feet you have, because they look great on you.

4. Opportunity is everywhere. If you end up not getting a promotion or your close work friend ends up being “so much more awesome” on paper and ends up in the position you yearn for, don’t sweat it. I’m a firm believer that there will always be more opportunities to come. Not getting one opportunity just means a better one is on the horizon. Keep your head high, and just try not to look into the sun too much.

5. Nobody else’s journey is your own. You have your own stuff to worry about. Don’t go comparing your issues with other people and moping about how much easier someone else has it. Your goals will happen if you put in the work, and seeing how great you are, you’re probably bending over backwards trying to be successful. You’re KILLIN‘ it. Keep going.

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