Those Who Care are Those Who Listen

Have you ever noticed that, when you’re talking to someone you consider a friend, their eyes kind of…. glaze over because whatever you’re saying doesn’t apply or matter to their own life? I was thinking about it last night. All the times that I have listened and been respectful to the vulnerability of others vs. how many times people have, instead of listening and exhibiting any bit of concern, changed the subject or brought the spotlight back to them and their own (apparently more important) concerns. It’s frustrating, but when it comes down to it, the ones who are open and willing to give you a listening and gentle ear are the ones that care. All those people that seem to think that your problems don’t matter but come running to you at the drop of a hat? They want the benefit of having a listener but refuse to provide the same comfort. It’s strange to think that there are people out there that can see you vulnerable and still act like they’re looking right through you.

7 responses to “Those Who Care are Those Who Listen

  1. I have been feeling the same lately. You put my feelings so appropriately in words.


    • I’m so glad you could relate to this, darling. You now know you are not alone in those feelings! 🙂 I hope your situation gets better, and you find someone to give you their time. I’m still in the process of doing so, myself!


  2. Listening is such a gift to others. Some, including me, can fall into the trap of not listening, but I do care. I’m faced with this regularly because teens are notorious for not listening, but mine love me. Sometimes I just need to remind them that I value their ear. I’ll ask, “Are you able to really listen to me right now?” That usually does the trick 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    • I appreciate you responding to this with something personal. It truly is a gift to be listen and be listened to! I know that we as people are capable of getting caught up in our own lives, which I do get, but the ones that really take the time to hear you out will always be the most reliable people in your life, because they remain involved in the friendship or relationship. I think you have a very good point though about teenagers! We’re all a little crazy and have so much of our own drama that we forget that there are things going on in other peoples’ lives! We just need to take some time to be conscious and aware of our surroundings and those who need us to be active in their personal lives.


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