Daily Writing Prompt: Write an excerpt of a story involving a character asking for mercy.

“You saw me. You see me! All the things I’ve done for you have been lost in the rainwater. It’s disheartening, my friend, that you could give me such a cruel fate at your own hand, at your honest heart. Do you honestly think, with all the sacrifices that I have made, that you are…the one, the only one dictating the time and place in which the accumulation of memories we’ve created will become obsolete? I beg you, my friend, to not close your eyes and turn away from me. Don’t force them to shut me out. I can still see you. I see through the pain you’ve endured. I can feel your suffering, but I ask you for your mercy. I ask because I know that, despite all the mess we’ve made of ourselves and others, we are friends. We were never meant to be so broken. I can fix us, demolish the loneliness that you’ve been drowning in. Give me the chance to redeem what little sparks of reminiscence we have left….”

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