The Only Thing They Should Be Editing is Their Attitude Towards Beauty

Today I was reading an article on poor photoshop jobs of the human form and I can honestly say that my faith is slowly slipping. Ugh, it makes me so sad. Not even because I don’t fit the image, but because people end up believing that they’re not aesthetically adequate. And that’s not true!

I honestly have to say that I am so disappointed in these people who consider this their job, to eliminate the “fat” parts of a model’s figure, minimizing her waist and providing her with a “much needed” thigh trimdown when, of course, she does not need it. Heck, I bet their own bodies are not perfect, and definitely not what they’re showing as an example of beauty through their work. What gives them the tools to dictate how others, who are perfectly fine and wonderful looking on their own, ultimately are exhibited in the media? I mean really, it’s disgusting. And what’s up with the cropping of chick’s crotches lately? Like, seriously, when did the shape of her vagina become so utterly offensive that it could not dare be shown naturally under a fully-covering, modest bikini? I don’t understand what the deal is with all these ads and the unrealistic standards they set, for both women and men. I work out often, and I don’t have a perfect body, but if I were being shown in one of these magazines, I would be significantly offended if someone thought it was their right to take my body and manipulate it to fit his or her beauty standards, to thin me out like I have no bone structure under my skin. I think all body types are hot, plain and simple. I see no reason that we should all look the same when we all have different genetics and different shapes. Seriously, work what you have, work out if you’d like to, and enjoy who you are. Who gives a crap about how other people feel about your nonexistent thigh gap. That’s your business. I’ve never had a thigh gap in my life, and I am not complaining.

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