Fun Fact: I am legitimately obsessed with What Not to Wear and would ADORE the opportunity to get to style others in the future


I would ideally love to be a stylist for someone, or maybe even a personal shopper, on the side of pursuing my Digital Media degree. I love being able to transform others’ styles in a way that exhibits their character and confidence. Style is a crucial part of showing the world your creativity and thought process, which ultimately affects your effectiveness of communication, perceptions in your relationships, and the interactions you experience with those you do not know and who have yet to know you. As a child, I was never in to fashion. I was much heavier than I am now, and did not have the sense of pride to portray myself in that kind of way. Looking back on that, I wish I had given style a chance. I rediscovered it in my late middle school, early high school years. At that point, the efforts I had made to get myself at a comfortable weight had driven me to exhibit my newfound appreciation for who I was and how I looked.  It then occurred to me that my desire to portray my creative side could be utilized not only for my artistic endeavors of drawing and painting, but in the way that I formulated an outfit each day. Every day is a new opportunity to wear clothes how I’d like to wear them, in unique combinations, textures, and designs. If I could provoke someone else’s interest in creating their own look, I feel like I would be giving back to them in many more ways than one. I could only hope that they’d experience the fascination that I have cultivated throughout these years in becoming a genuine representation of who they are, from the inside, out.

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