David’s Redemption (One of my Fiction Pieces)

This is just a part of a fiction piece I’m writing. Same David from before, if you didn’t notice. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Copyrighted to Mandirito.



Her glare felt like it was burning into his skull. She had a way of making him feel like he was a specimen under a microscope, ready to get probed by the sharpened blades that were her words. She was never afraid to have a sharp tongue.

“David, I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again. I don’t want this to be over but–” He pushed her away with a great force, leaving a red mark across her arm. She winced at this action, a darkness appearing across her face. When had everything become so bitter?

“Leave it alone…Just….leave it alone. I don’t trust you,” he spat angrily. He had been fearful, but so had she. “You’re not the same person I left you as–”

“Because you weren’t the same either! You were….we were broken. It was in shambles before it had even ended,” she whispered under her breath, choked by her own tears. “It had been over. You had made your choice, David. You can’t take it back…” She bowed her face into her hands, catching the tears streaming down her face, a sticky residue forming upon her cheeks. “You thought that the distance would be good for us….You thought that picking up your life, apparently a life that I meant absolutely nothing in, was a great idea…damn you for that. What choice did I have? How on earth do you think distance could fix such a horrible mess? Do you think these things just….disintegrate on their own? That they just….leisurely disappear, and that’s it? That’s…all?” Her face had turned into a hot, tensed mess, her composure no longer there to suppress her built-up rage. “No, no! I’m definitely not the same person you left here, while you–you–”

A strange moment had sprung upon him, and he had the sudden urge to kiss her, to feel her affection again to the full extent. His anger, his sadness towards her was demolished as he began to consider the emotional suffering he had caused her. Her tears were more than enough to realize his fault, but he had never bothered to truly listen, to actually hear out her side. His defenses felt like a bunch of unforgivable lies that he had forced himself to believe. Why couldn’t he have seen it before? What had he missed, those nights he was off elsewhere experiencing, enjoying the world in her absence? He loved this girl and let her down for what? A new life, some new friends? He wondered what it would be like to taste her mouth again, if the fireworks that had once occurred between them could burst aflame once more. There was one thing he knew for sure at that very moment. No one compared. It hit him like a backhand to the face. “Can I…” he was afraid to ask, but muttered his question reluctantly. Now was a better opportunity than never, and the desire to take the chance overcame his rationalization. “Can I… kiss you?”

“What? No! No. No you can’t.” Confusion was all that was left. Wiping the tears from her cheeks, her mouth lay wordless. Her body language had transformed, shriveled her confidence. Her anger had streamed down her legs, through her toes, and seeped into the ground below. Defenseless. All that was left was dismay that left her body completely and utterly dumbfounded, paralyzed by the moment she never foresaw. If she had ever felt like a deer in the headlights, by God, it easily was then.

“Please, can I kiss you?” He inched toward her slowly, his hands creeping around the exposed small of her waist. Her skin was burning under his fingertips and the scent of her perfume met between both mouths. Now or never…now or never…What is left to lose?

“David, no!” She attempted to push him back, but it was too late. Her mouth was pressed against his, and the sweet taste of his saliva left butterflies in her stomach.


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