The Short on Shorts Shopping: Are Our Bodies to Blame?



Curves on a woman’s figure used to be celebrated as a feminine trait. I guess the party is over because every store that I’ve visited for shorts shopping has quite the unrealistic standards for my hip to waist ratio. Today, I tried on over twenty pairs of shorts, ranging from short shorts to those that are closer to cut offs to embellished shorts, each with its own proportions to ensure that I’d find a pair that didn’t feel too loose on the top, but definitely didn’t squeeze everywhere else. I ended up with one pair that hugged me just right, which ultimately left me happy and confident. I do have to wonder, though, how those who believe that it is their own fault that the clothes they are interested in don’t fit them, end up not in a ball of tears after what feels like millions of failed attempts. It can be hard to take the blame off of ourselves when we feel like we have physically deviated from the “look” that is force-fed to us at an early age. Our society promotes the standard that being thin makes a woman most beautiful (think “delicate”, “pretty”, “soft”), while being curvy or larger (muscular, thick) makes her less beautiful on the spectrum. When it comes down to it, curvy figures are hardly accommodated. I felt this deeply today. I felt like every single rack was mocking the fact that my body could not fit perfectly into the structured sizes provided to me. I don’t blame my body, though. I exercise regularly, eat healthily the majority of the time (my Chipotle fix is not going away anytime soon), and refuse to believe that the type of body that I have maintained and carried all through my life is at fault when the products that I, as a human, am meant to clothe myself with don’t provide me any bit of coverage, comfort, or dignity. This is the product of a society that wants me to squeeze into whatever mold they’ve got for me, and I’m not going to do it. I don’t blame my body for not being a size 2, or for having muscular, thick thighs that feel choked in cut offs. I won’t apologize for the way I am comfortable living and looking, nor will I apologize for not giving in to the belief that my body has to be different to be good enough to wear what’s being sold. I’m good enough and I deserve to wear clothes that look as great as they feel. If this means that I have to cut full-length jeans to make into shorts that aren’t going to leave my a** on display, then that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s bad enough to be shamed for your shape, but even worse when all that is available to you are pieces that exemplify what it means to have a body that is “acceptable”.

8 responses to “The Short on Shorts Shopping: Are Our Bodies to Blame?

  1. The fashion industry is horrible for making women feel like they have to conform by having the “perfect body”. I personally feel if the woman is happy with herself, knowing well what she brings to the table then she has won the war.


  2. I agree! I often wonder why women feel the way they do about their bodies. As an adolescent I can understand it but as a girl turns into a women, it seems like they should be able to put aside those adolescent ideas that all women should look the same. I too think that the fashion community is much to blame. Mostly because they make clothes for models not for all women. As a man we all come in different shapes and sizes, so why do women allow the fashion community to impose the idea that they should all be a size 0? Ladies, you should know that guys, just like girls have a “type” that they are attracted to. Some like large women and some like small women. Never discount your beauty because you don’t fit into a size 0.We men don’t, so why should you?


    • I do believe this is a much more difficult struggle for a woman though. It’s one thing to tell a woman that a man will accept her for who she is, but it’s a completely different thing to wonder why she feels the way she feels when our society likes to put its sneaker on our throats and threaten us to fit in or fall through. I, for one, am all about curves 🙂 I’m not getting rid of these bad boys any time soon hahaha
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!! 🙂 Great comment!


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