Writing Prompt: Would you read a personal blog without a comment section? How do you feel when a comment section is closed?

There are many thoughts that circle my brain when coming across a blog that has a closed off comment section. Part of the joys of writing online is getting the opportunity to interact with readers and the comments that they leave. Through my blog, I’ve come into contact with a diverse set of individuals, all with their own personalities and opinions. Even when I don’t agree with the input they provide, knowing how they respond to my work gives me feedback on future writing. It allows me to know what issues spark interest for the viewers, and which ones provoke disagreement. Blogs that don’t have ย comment section available to the viewer, I believe, let off a unwelcoming vibe. The writer doesn’t want to encourage contribution nor do they care about discussion with the audience. Discussion, however, maintains a writer’s ability to create a connection with their regulars. It makes the reader feel as if they are an actual part of the blog they’re reading, rather than an expendable onlooker.

As a viewer, I want to talk to the writer about what inspired their work. I want to understand the personality behind the piece, and in order to do that, it’s essential to be able to leave my own feedback. I feel as if it is pointless to read blogs and articles without a comments section, because I perceive it as a sign that my view and my opinion on the matter has no significance to the writer or the issue, and that the writer’s opinion is “set in stone”, permanent.



What are your thoughts? Do you care about being able to leave a comment?

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