Long Nails, DON’T CARE? Think Again!

As I had bitten my nails down as far as they could go, I came to the conclusion that this crap needed to change. I had been wanting to grow my nails out for a very long time and had successfully done so a couple some weeks ago, but then final exams came around and made me return right back to my old coping ways: nail biting. It’s an excruciating habit. So the other day I purchased faux nails to attach to the ones that I already have in hopes of giving my real nails a break. I had first attempted doing that for prom during my senior year but managed to lose half of them by the middle of the night (needless to say it was a tremendously unsuccessful attempt). However, I was willing to give them another go for the sake of a long term goal of quitting for good. And behold, this time they stuck like they were Gorilla Glued. The difficulty now is getting used to these darn claws. Not even when I grew my nails out didn’t I have such long ones, and I’m beginning to realize the (unexpected) struggles that come with this fad.

1. Sleeping in a comfortable position. I’m so used to sleeping on my belly and side that I instinctually put my hands under the pillow beneath my head. But if I do that with these, I swear, I may even crack off one of my real nails in the process. Not to say that the glue doesn’t do its job, but after the work it was to match and secure these things perfectly, I’d hope that I wouldn’t lose them sleeping, of all things.


2. My Candy Crush has officially been put on hold.ย Yes, it’s true. Yesterday, I wanted to forcefully chuck my phone at a wall and then physically break it into a million microscopic pieces with a sledgehammer, because every single time I would try to move a candy (or attempt to, more like), the game would try to move it somewhere else (NOT IN THE DIRECTION I SWIPED) or it would pretend that I clicked the one next to it. When I’d say black, it would say white. The same, impossible level with the added bonus of an uncooperative screen and talons that make the game no easier…So the crush is officially over.


3. Applying makeup in the intention of it not looking like something out of a horror movie. Can you say streaks everywhere? I don’t think anyone has hoped that their everyday look may actually make their face look worse. I can only hope that all these makeup brushes that I’ve acquired over the years won’t fail me now! I’m depending on it.



4. Guess I’m not putting my hair up anytime soon. Hair ties aren’t good friends of these faux nails. I’d be lucky to accomplish a messy bun with these bad boys, but hey, the only time I really put my hair up is when I have the intention of working out. I think I’ll survive that struggle. I guess I’ll be keeping the hair long and curly for a while, not that I mind!!



5. No pants dance, it is. I mean think about it. We already don’t like putting our pants on, and now my nails give me a legitimate excuse not to. How am I ever supposed to button a pair of jeans with these, or even pull them on? Dresses and skirts are better suited for Summer, anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰



What are the unexpected struggles that you endure with fake nails?


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