10 Things I’m Thankful for TODAY

1. The big smile and excitement I received when I went to Target and happened to run into a woman that seemed very low on energy working the closing shift, that I had struck up a conversation with in passing. I feel like that little conversation made her really happy, which rubbed off on me, too! Happiness is contagious, and I needed that good, warm feeling probably as much as she did.


2. The popularity of “All of Me” on the radio. I became obsessed with it long before it got “radio popular” and now I hear it everywhere. This is a great thing!


3. My family for always being strong role models. Even though we all have our little quirks, we’re an incredibly hardy, generous, ย great group of people. I was definitely born to the right parents.


4. The woman I had met out shopping that told me that I would “look good in anything”, which made me bashful!


5. The cleanliness of my room right now. It’s so CLEAN and ORGANIZED, and everything is in its place! I feel like I’m in heaven. It took work, but the work was worth the result: spotless bliss.


6. Guacamole. Just guacamole. Forever. Always. Guacamole.


7. My ability to put myself in others’ shoes. I feel like this is a big one, because it’s helped me a lot, and today, it once again was super helpful. I’m surprised I can fit, with my big feet. *shrugs*


8. I’m thankful that my boyfriend has a job, because as we all know, college breaks wallets. He deserves to have play money AS WELL AS saving money! ๐Ÿ™‚

money pppp

9. The vintage dress that I fell in love with today for only FIVE DOLLARS. Oh yes. Beautiful, lacy, black, GORGEOUS vintage. It was a REALLY lucky find!


10. Last but not least, I am thankful for my skin being so beautiful today!! Ah! I feel like it’s perfect looking, and I haven’t even been using any of my (MANY) creams and scrubs. It looks so clear, which you will rarely hear me say about my skin!


What are you thankful for today?

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