Soaps are So Overrated…


The majority of them revolve around love triangles, pursuing love, and cheating (specifically with people that are romantically linked with close friends), accompanied by crappy and overly dramatic instrumental music, countless tears, and exaggerated facial and hand gestures. I wish that the destination of the characters was more complex. In the real world, we’re not all just “looking for love” or looking to ruin the romantic relationships of others. We’re looking for love (some of us, at least), yes, but we’re also attending college, working to pay for our necessities and desires, pursuing our dreams, challenging ourselves in new and exciting ways, and idealistically (hopefully) grabbing the world by the balls. I think this is part of the reason why I immediately flip the channel when I see Soaps on the tv. It’s such mindless fluff….What do the characters do other than stir up drama? What do they want in life?

Life does not revolve around love, but love sure does make for a better life. If shows were to follow that statement and have independent, compelling characters, I’d be right on board. But these shows don’t stimulate me. They just provoke me.

What are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Soaps are So Overrated…

  1. They are annoying & sensationalist, marketed to the same folks who pick up tabloids on the way through the checkout.


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