Next Stop: Saint Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City!


Today has been our first full day here in Saint Augustine and we’ve been on the trolley (I know, I’m being a typical tourist. Sue me.) all morning! The first time I had been here was in the fourth grade (way too young to really experience everything this city has to offer, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it), and ever since then, I had been telling my parents of its beauty and preserved history! I can’t believe that I finally have the opportunity to show them (my parents) around the places that I have visited prior, and to experience the area from an older, wiser perspective. I feel like I’m going to appreciate it much more now than I would’ve back then because now I can soak in all the history and really get a feel for what it was like to be living here in the 1600s (especially through the observation of the Castillo de San Marcos as well as all of these other historical landmarks)! These are the types of places that schools should be taking their students, because the experience I had the first time was unforgettable and I still managed to gather quite an understanding of the history that lies within these buildings. Saint Augustine is not only an educational environment but is rich with culture and new experiences for someone like me, who has remained in South Florida for the majorityΒ of her life, traveling often within the US and not many places else (unless you count the cruise I took a couple years back). I will share some of the photographs I’ve taken today with you guys in time.


Have any of you guys been here before?

Any suggestions on what we should do while we spend our time here?


4 responses to “Next Stop: Saint Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City!

  1. I like to bring my kids & stay at the Pirate Haus hostel. We love the B&B’s, too. I like exploring the shops on the main street. The street with the oldest wooden schoolhouse where it’s just pedestrians. I love that there are (or were, anyway, last few times I visited) 2 Kilwin’s candy/ice cream shops on that one main street! I think there is another nearby site called the Oldest House that is pretty interesting historically. When we are there, and this is just a bit outside the city, we also visit Gatorland or maybe it is Alligator World. πŸ™‚


    • Wow, thank you so much, Barb! All these suggestions are great. Someone’s been doing their own research! πŸ˜€
      We’re planning on checking out the Oldest House this week, and a couple of other touristy things, so I’m very much looking forward to that. This place is just GORGEOUS!


      • Yes! Love the kitschy shops. I’ve picked up unique jewelry a few times. I also liked touring some of Flagler College which was the Ponce de Leon Hotel. Lots of history there. Enjoy!


      • Thank you so much! We will definitely be doing some serious sight-seeing today, and a ghost tour in the evening!!


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