10 Things That Made Me Smile From Ear to Ear Yesterday During My Trip to South Beach! (It’s Never Too Late to Be Thankful!!)


Let’s get thankful. Shall we?


1. The sweet guy that served me coffee at Starbucks on South Beach that told me I’m “a darling”.



2. Finding one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen in my entire life and my mom buying it for me because she knew how obsessed I was!



3. Getting to witness a photoshoot for a clothing company that I love (H&M) for the first time in my life. I got to see the way they changed and styled the model on scene and how they posed her.



4. Meeting a lovely woman in one of the galleries I visited that gave me insightful and crucial advice to help me advance forward in my creative endeavors. She was so sweet, and she definitely gave me some reassurance that I needed!



5. Getting to spend some quality time wandering South Beach with my mom who doubles as my best friend in the entire world! We always have fun when we’re together, even if we’re just running errands.



6. Having my car all tuned up and ready to go for when I move up to college again. It’s such a relief to have another thing to check off of my list before I leave for fall semester. I can’t even believe we’re getting so close to the school year again!



7. Getting to wear a semi-new dress that I bought that makes me feel like a sunflower. It’s so bright and festive! It’s true about what they say when it comes to what you’re wearing. A cheerful outfit can leave you feeling emotionally uplifted!



8. Trying on high waisted shorts that my mom and I both agreed to be adorable on the hanger, only to realize we looked like we could be Erkel’s double in them. Needless to say we didn’t buy them, but we had a great laugh over it.



9. Sometimes the rain can be a downer, but today it made the air so cool after such a hot morning. It was a great change! It’s uncomfortable when you feel like you’re swimming in sweat.



10. Everything today went seamlessly. No traffic jams, no desperation for parking, nothing. Everything was perfect, down to the little things.

What made you smile today?

6 responses to “10 Things That Made Me Smile From Ear to Ear Yesterday During My Trip to South Beach! (It’s Never Too Late to Be Thankful!!)

  1. Visiting with a sweet friend at the park and seeing her happy baby’s chubby cheeks and his wide-eyed look of bewilderment when another baby near him slapped at him. He had tried to take the other baby’s rainbow-striped ball. My friend’s baby was so shocked. Seemed to be deciding whether or not to cry. Then my daughter put her water bottle on the ground near him and he closed his mouth, babbled and crawled right over to it, forgetting the slight.

    My daughter wants some of those high-waisted shorts! I received an email from Hot Topic advertising some, but they were below the navel. Very odd! I need to find her some real ones like the ones in your picture!


    • How strange and simple it is to find enjoyment at such a young age. Little ones amaze me. They’re fascinating. And they have absolutely no filter, so everything that comes out of their mouth is completely blunt! Hilarious!

      If I were you, I’d check Kohls. Kohl’s has really cute, affordable clothes and I’m 99% sure I saw some there. And they always have coupons and Kohl’s cash if you spend a certain amount of money. Lots of benefits 🙂


  2. I am glad you had such a wonderful day, by the way. 🙂


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