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Outfit of the Day: Mall + Dinner Date



A2 by Aerosoles Combat Boots

Price: $109.99



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Ellen Tracy Dress

Price: Unknown


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Guess Purse 


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Bought at Dillards, brand unknown


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(Belated) Sassy Saturdays!: BYOD (Bring Your Own Drama!)


Welcome back, ladies, to another Sassy Saturday (posted on Monday, oops) and today it’s all about bringing your own drama, and by drama, I don’t mean the stuff you’re trying to avoid. I’m talking about dressing to impress! It’s the Winter season and we’re getting in the swing of the holiday madness that is December. I’d like to think that Winter gives quite a lot of wiggle room for fashion as you can finally bring out those knee highs and cozy sweaters, despite Florida’s seasonal mood swings. During Winter, I like to transition my closet, which contains clothes meant for all types of weather, into a creative, stylish holiday wardrobe. If you’re in college, like me, it can be difficult to spend money, especially on new clothes, and because the season is so short-lived here, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t work around your Summer wardrobe! Plus, Winter gives you a chance to create dramatic, fantastic looks from old favorites, just by switching up a few pieces here and there!

During this time, I’m especially keen on bringing out my boot collection. Although I wear them throughout the year (for style purposes rather than comfort), this is the only time when they’re particularly comfortable to wear, as the heat is dying down to let reign a cool, dry breeze.

My absolute favorite pair of boots are my all black “AirWair” Doctor Martens combat boots (pretty sure that link is the correct model of the boots I own, and if not, check out these awesome boots that could be my boots’ doppelganger!), with bouncy soles. They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they’re quality leather boots and it takes actual, purposeful effort to destroy them, as they are resistant to oil among many other potential messes! Also, if you ever decide to dish out some moolah to purchase a pair of Doctor Martens boots, make sure that you give them some time to be broken into. The leather is hard and they may be pretty uncomfortable at first. I bought mine “used” (I use quotations because they were bought, although they had never actually been worn), and it took me several months (yes, MONTHS) and lots of fuzzy socks to get these bad boys NOT to hurt. So if you’re planning to buy them for that awesome Ugly Sweater Party you’re hosting next week, think again or plan for next year’s holiday fiesta. They’re quite beautiful though and I find the combat boot look to be a sexy twist on the boot trend. I like to wear mine with dresses and tights to balance out the masculinity and femininity of my look! And yes, below are my actual boots! I’ve had them for about 4 or 5 years now, give or take, and they’re still looking and feeling great, besides a few minor scratches. A few scratches never hurt anyone!



Another trend I’m really digging is the use of the peacoat, a trend that has existed for quite some time now but awakens more prominently during the colder months! I bought one at a thrift store a while back for $10 thinking that I would use it on a “needed basis” and immediately became obsessed with its versatility. Despite the nasty weather in my college city, I’ve managed to wear my peacoat from Fall all the way to the beginning of Winter, pairing it with colorful tights, girly booties, and frilly dresses! The one that I purchased is actually very similar to the one below, and I’m not quite sure of the brand of my actual peacoat due to being home for the Winter Break! But take my word for it, though, it’s the most beautiful, comfortable coat I’ve had thus far! What I like best about it is the fact that it’s such a structured coat and looks quite formal, but when it’s used, it feels as soft and movable as a hoodie! It’s deceiving in all the right ways.


I think my next peacoat purchase will be a lot more like the one below, but definitely without the fuzz. Not a big fan of hair on my coats, other than maybe faux fur on a hooded jacket. The structure of the coat is pretty and cheetah print, when worn tastefully, can look truly amazing. I’d probably wear this with an all black get up to bring up the drama factor and to let the coat do all the talking.


During these months (and any months when I’m at home really!), I also love to break in my heels, which I happen to have many of. These heels are Madden Girl Karlla Polka Dot Pumps and they are one of the sassiest pairs of heels I own. I know they weren’t made like this with the intention to look like holiday shoes, but they remind me very much of a combination of Christmas and the ’50s style (I dig the polka dots)! I was trying to find a link for you guys to check out the shoes, but for some odd reason, these shoes are sold out and out of stock everywhere. They were, however, sold at DSW for some time, and may come back at some point. I also thrifted these shoes, which makes them a million times better, as I paid barely anything for practically new heels. I enjoy wearing my Karlla pumps with black skinny jeans (or my basic skinny jean leggings) and dresses with similar color palettes. They’re so incredibly comfortable for being heels (if you’re trying heels for the first time or are a little iffy about getting heels, check out Steve Madden’s shoes) and I love that these shoes speak volumes all on their own, let alone with other pieces. They are beautiful, great quality heels, but then again, they are Steve Madden.


And finally, we have the trend of the infinity scarf which I have yet to buy but am tempted to purchase. I’m all for simple on the days when I’m dressed down and I find that infinity scarves can easily give a casual look a more put together, dressed up feel. They can be purchased at practically any clothing store at this time of year and are usually not more than $20, which makes them a cheap and efficient buy. Forever 21 has infinity scarves of all patterns and colors for fairly cheap, so if you’d like to check that out and potentially get one for yourself or someone you love this holiday season, here you go. You’ve hit the motherload of infinity scarves. Go nuts.


If I were to go through with my infinity scarf purchase, I’d probably get something geometric and dramatic like the one below! Black and white pieces are so versatile and the patterns is incredibly eye catching. I could imagine wearing this piece within countless of my own looks.


I hope you guys enjoyed my Sassy Saturday BYOD post, and I hope to do this for you guys every Saturday again (not Monday like this time around!).

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. If you have any particular prompts, topics, or categories you’d like me to post about, contact me at Mandirito@gmail.com.

Have a fabulous day, my darlings, and stay chic this holiday season.


Sassy Saturdays!!: The Cravings of Week One!


This week has been a productive one to say the least. It’s been all studying, organizing, preparing for finals, projects, and the occasional drop in on my WordPress to inform you guys that I am still alive, and to not worry. My homework hasn’t swallowed me up just yet! (hope I don’t jinx it!) As for these faux nails that I was so excited about, my heart has once again been crushed by their unreliability, because today, one of the nails came right off. I thought they were going to last at least the whole week! And of course, OUT OF ALL FINGERS, it’s the index, which looks super awkward.

Anywho! Today I am going to start a series called “Sassy Saturdays!” where I express the things that caught my attention this week! This week has been all about grunge and outfit diversity.


Source: http://freetopone.com/black-leather-jackets.html

I came across the women’s leather jackets page on this website and it reminded me of that uber successful haul that I had at Goodwill recently (you know, the one that I never showed you guys…. :c   ). However, I had promised you guys that I would release that haul video, and my iMovie decided otherwise and deleted the whole completed video for sh*ts and grins. I was so pissed. Regardless, though, it was a successful shopping trip, and this jacket is straight up gorgeous and reminds me of one of the ones I bought. I’ve always loved the look of a crisp leather jacket, but it’s difficult to find one that follows the criteria that I obsess over, which is as follows:

1. Fits my dimensions perfectly (or close enough). I’m not into the whole “baggy leather jacket” deal. Not my thing.

2. Is long enough to reach my hips. Short jackets look strange.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, fits within my budget. And leather is NEVER cheap, hence the whole buying secondhand leather thing


This leads me into my eternal obsession with Dr. Martens combat boots. They’re a total godsend, but can rip your wallet right out of your pocket if you get too close. Well, not literally, but the price tags might make you blind. And very sad. I could never afford these boots at retail price, but I gaze at them lovingly from afar and hope that one day I will be able to afford another pair, a new pair, maybe with a cute pattern.

However, I did get super lucky about two years ago and found a practically new pair, IN MY SIZE, for 10 dollars. Yes, 10 dollars. It was a miracle. I don’t even know how I ended up in the right place at the right time, but they’re one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I think that was part of what got me started with my love for the brand, and this week, I saw so many cute ones online that I couldn’t afford as a college student and I had such a heavy feeling in my stomach. Ahh, the day will come, one day…These burgundy ones are bomb, though, but then again, so are the rest of the boots.


I’d take any of these though, quite frankly.

Please, please, please.

 Another style that I’ve been enjoying this week is the use of cutouts on women’s attire, which I think is so cute. Unfortunately, though, when I say cutouts, people think this is what I mean:



The answer is no. This isn’t it. How do you even wear underwear with this crap? Don’t answer that. I don’t care about the answer, honestly. I enjoy leaving things to the imagination.

I mean something more like this:


Modest, tasteful cutouts in vibrant colors and textures. Pleats, too! Yes! There’s something super cute about pleated skirts and dressed that aren’t of the uniform variety. This dress is simply perfect, and I feel like it would be suitable for any body type because it accommodates hips or no hips. Although it isn’t as grungy as I’d like it to be, I’d love to able to pair this with a great, dark leather jacket.

 It was difficult to narrow it down to these three pieces (ONLY THREE), but they were definitely eye-catchers for me this week. I am definitely feeling the grunge look nowadays! So many individualized power outfits to be made with these looks! I definitely thing they deserved the spotlight of the day.

Hope you guys are having a good one, and I’ll be continuing to do this series every Saturday (starting today!!), so stay tuned!

Love and happiness,