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Absence and Transitions

Today has been an excruciatingly busy day for my boyfriend and I, as we’ve been packing his apartment room to transition him back home for the Summer. It’s always nice to feel the emptiness of these tiny apartment rooms, but the work that comes into play in order to establish that comfortableness is astounding to me. Four people, he, his parents, and I, all packed his room and just the organization itself took hours. I can only imagine the pain and suffering that will ensue when the time comes to pack my own apartment room, since I am a girl and tend to have many more clothes, accessories, and things than he does. Thankfully, this will be the last time I will be doing this. In the coming semester, I will have a permanent living situation for the following two school years and will finally be able to relax after finals, instead of the usual scrambling to pack prior to the housing deadline. I think the packing is half the battle, with all the crap we have to do on the side. Sometimes I wonder how I get everything, or even anything, done. At this rate, I really just want to sleep. I do want to write, too, but sleeping would be the very best thing for me right now. Uninterrupted sleep. For at least 10 hours. Or maybe 20 if I’m lucky.

I hope all of you college students out there are pushing through your finals like I am, and if you’re not crawling on your hands and knees, bloody with sweat and tears pouring from your face, you need to get it together. A couple more days and we all get to relax. How does that sound?

Regardless, I won’t be writing as much, I assume, for the next couple of days because I will be committing said actions above, and making sure all the exam information I need is force-fed into my brain until my ears start gagging Anthropology and Art History. It’s really the only way to go. Thank you for all the support and love that’s been sent in my direction, and I cannot wait to interact with you guys once again when all of this mess has been completed and pushed out of my way. I’ve got a couple more obstacles ahead of me, but I’m pulling through. I’ll be seeing you guys at the finish line.

Strange to Think That the Roles have Reversed.


As a kid, parents and relatives will always tell you that “school should come first”. School should always come first, before socialization, leisure, and everything else. I find that agreeable. But what about when your obligations for school take away your ability to enjoy leisure and to pursue your own activities? What is the wise advice to give in that situation?

As most of us college students realize, finals week is looming around the corner, and we’re all saddling up to get our acts together for those big, stressful, coffee-filled days. But as those days approach, crawling closer by the hour, I can feel my anxiousness rising within me. It’s not even because of the exams, because believe it or not, I don’t suffer half as much during exam weeks in comparison to those who surround me, with their racked up history courses, 18 credit hours, and needy minimum wage jobs barking at them to keep their hours in check. Now it may seem minimal to others who may not relate, but during these weeks, all of my creative freedom and inspiration is diminished. I go from a right brainer to a hardcore left brainer in a few days, which throws off my ability to write, for one thing. I can feel it right now, actually. I spent my whole morning staring, glaring at the empty post form in front of me, and weirdly, I did not know what to say. When have the roles reversed? When has school begun to project its fury upon my creative outlets?

This has become a common thing for me, by the end of the semester and the completion of each college year specifically. By then, I’m just trying to crank out the last few projects and assignments and, if all goes well, exceed during exam week. It’s like my creative pursuits no longer exist in my world. Which leads me to my next point, for those who read these regularly and count on my daily posts. Please forgive me if I become absent in this coming week, week and a half. My head will be so far into my textbooks that I won’t be able to do anything else until my work and courses feel complete and I am satisfied with the effort I’ve put forth. My efforts will be contributed full-force to my education and not much else. However, despite taking courses in this coming Summer as well as working at the gym I’ve been longing to return to since I’ve left for sophomore year, once I finish my courses for this semester, I will have large amounts of time and inspiration to throw onto this page for you guys. I’ll definitely have a lot more to say, seeing as how lately I’ve resorted to keeping my mouth shut about certain situations in my life that I am dying to discuss on here once I’ve escaped this….living situation I’ve found myself in. Trust me when I tell you, I will be an open book once the storm has passed.

Random Thought: Nothing Phases College Kids

I just saw a girl run by in a ripped, flowery business-attire skirt and broken stilettos, and in the process, pouring water on herself from a water bottle and shaking it through her hair, and a guy that was entering the building I was sitting outside of paused outside the building door, he and I both looked at her, looked at each other, there was a mutually weird understanding, and we both went about our days like nothing had been seen. Nothing needed to be said.

5 Things I Learned From Living in a Room the Size of a Cardboard Box


1. When one thing falls out of place, the whole room feels like it’s in shambles. I can live in chaos during the day (I’m a college student. I’m used to being busy), but by the end of the day when I’m cozying up in my bed sheets in the hopes of a good eight hours of continuous slumber, I will lie awake in my 3.5 foot high throne I call a bed with my eyes wide open until everything has found its place. Call me crazy, but I call myself functional, and a little ocd.

2. An unmade bed screws with my head. In this little room I have, the bed takes up half the floor space. It’s right there. I need it made. The moment I step in my doorway, my bed is staring me in the face saying, “are you gonna do me or not?” lmao I had to, I’m sorry. But it practically does. There’s never a moment that goes by in this room where I don’t wish this room were more organized, more structured. No matter how itchy my eyes are, how excruciating my headache is, or how much homework I have taunting me on webcourses, I can’t avoid my bed being made.

3. The closet space is sufficient for a guy, but is horribly unsatisfactory for a girl. Come on, guys. Who ever thought to make the college closets so small, so limited, AND without any form of door? What is this, prison? I want shelves, a door (other than my zebra print shower curtain that I use instead), and shoe racks. I love clothes, and just as equally love shoes and accessories. It’s a crime against humanity to force me to only bring 1/4 of my closet to school. How am I supposed to plan cute outfits without repeating looks every week? I mean, sure. I don’t mind repeating every once in a while, but my college closet has been recycled so hard, I feel like I should be wearing a “reduce, reuse, recycle” symbol on my forehead so no one feels obliged to say “wow, I’ve never seen that top before”. I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore, eh?

4. Only essentials? Everything has potential. They say you should only bring the things you absolutely cannot live without, but they also don’t take into consideration that the majority of the year, you are going to be living there. Not just chilling there every once in a while. This is your home for the next year. So yeah, bring your essentials, but do bring some stuff that you want, too. It shouldn’t all be dish soap and mini fridges.

5.  Your window will be your new best friend, beside your coffee machine of course. The fluorescent lights in these dorms are excruciating, and lead you, once again, to believe that dorm life resembles that of a prison cell. Don’t fret: there is hope. Although I think the structure of these rooms is astoundingly stupid, I do feel that there is one benefit that will prove crucial to your survival: your window. Random, I know, but hear me out. There are going to be days when you’re studying nonstop and you refuse to put clothes to get fresh air, or to even travel to the library to get some focus space, but you have a huge window in your room for natural light. It takes away from the crappy lab lights that hang overhead, piercing your eye balls while you finish that tedious English homework you’ve been sitting on for a couple of days now. Need fresh air? Open your window. You’d be surprised how nice it is to get fresh air in your apartment room without the dreaded morning dressup. But when you open your window though, unless you wanna be an exhibitionist. clothes (pajamas even) are required. Seriously.