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10 Things I’ll Never Understand (Or Refuse to Accept)

1. Food always looks ridiculously better (and bigger) in the commercials!

2. Even when things are going great, humans manage to find something to complain about that isn’t even close to comparable to the significance of their happy memories and moments. 

3. The exponential success of fast food places as opposed to places that offer food….that is edible…..that you can INGEST and not implode.

4. The continuing sexualization of women in the media (point #1) to sell products that are completely unrelated to sex or sexual behavior (point #2)

5. Less is more does not mean that wearing less will get you more. Wear what you want for YOU, not for other people. 

6. How much more university tuition will increase in the coming years. I have to wonder who’s wallet will be fat enough to afford it by the year 2050.

7. The conscious decision to be dead weight to one’s society and self. Isn’t having a purpose beyond your natural human abilities an important development to a fulfilling life?

8.  Needing to drink to enjoy one’s self in group settlings.

9. Wearing sheer tights as pants. 

10. Believing that the accumulation of good karma that others acquire will rub off on you. Only YOU can pocket your own karma. Make your actions count.