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“Fat Girl Costumes”? Really, Walmart?


I’m disgusted. Out of all the retailers on this whole earth, it just had to be one that I shop at regularly, one that I rely on for almost all of my beauty and grocery needs because clearly it’s one of the few places I can afford and now I know I can’t have nice things. So tell me, Walmart, why did you have to go ahead and get on my ugly side, rearing your own ugly head for what, a laugh? Because believe me, I’ve got quite a fierce ugly side, an insatiable anger under all of this composure for individuals and companies that show blatant disrespect to their consumers. I don’t agree with labeling costumes that are supposedly above a six as “fat girl costumes” as you so lovingly called them. We all have different bodies, some of us very curvy all over, some with curves in certain places, but are we all under a size six? Are you guys all under a size six? No? No, hell no. I can vouch for this. I range anywhere from an 8 to a 12 sometimes, depending on the dimensions of the clothing. What makes you think a girl like me, someone who works out regularly, eats healthy, and feels confident about her body and shopping for clothing that accommodates her, would willingly want to drop by my local Walmart to browse the “Fat Girl Costume Section” with that kind of title? Who are you to judge my body, label it with a term that is currently perceived as derogatory knowing that the term is being used in a derogatory fashion, and require me to veer away from the obviously “Normal Sized Girl Costume Section” to get a costume that fits without fuss? You, as a major retailer that serves quite a diverse group of individuals, should provide clothes and costumes for plus size and regular sizes, but please, label your clothes with dignity. We all deserve to feel beautiful any day of the week, any holiday of the year, and feel confident and comfortable enough to shop at your establishment. There’s no excuse for this insensitivity and I’m thoroughly unimpressed with the lack of professionalism it took to publish this crap. Shame on you.

What are your thoughts on Walmart’s publishing “mishap”? 


BIC Soleil: Blades from Hell

Let me take a moment to address an experience I had with the BIC Soleil razor this morning. I wanted to shave my legs. I had gone for a long run, and felt it was time to get ready and prepped for the day ahead of me. I get in the shower, finish the rest of my showering routine (the usual shampoo, conditioner, and body wash), and it’s time to get these bad boys smooth and sassy, or so I thought. Little do I know or realize that this razor is going to create the most unsightly little cuts up my leg and practically fill the bottom of my tub with my own blood, reminiscent of something you’d see in a horror film. You’d figure that a razor would only get as close as need be to get your legs smooth, but I think BIC might’ve not gotten the memo when they were putting this one in the works. I will certainly never recommend this product to anyone, and would highly discourage using these razors if you can avoid it. I have never had sensitive skin, and would never consider my skin to even be remotely sensitive. And lets be real. I have shaved for years, and I do, in fact, know how to shave. There should be no reason why I should end up with disgusting open wounds from a razor, of all things.

Here’s a tip for BIC: When I shave, I want to eliminate the hair. Not the skin. Stick to what you do best: making school supplies.

Below is a picture of the evidence. I hope this gives you, as a consumer and reader, some perspective on the aftermath. I’m done with BIC.