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Next Stop: Saint Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City!


Today has been our first full day here in Saint Augustine and we’ve been on the trolley (I know, I’m being a typical tourist. Sue me.) all morning! The first time I had been here was in the fourth grade (way too young to really experience everything this city has to offer, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it), and ever since then, I had been telling my parents of its beauty and preserved history! I can’t believe that I finally have the opportunity to show them (my parents) around the places that I have visited prior, and to experience the area from an older, wiser perspective. I feel like I’m going to appreciate it much more now than I would’ve back then because now I can soak in all the history and really get a feel for what it was like to be living here in the 1600s (especially through the observation of the Castillo de San Marcos as well as all of these other historical landmarks)! These are the types of places that schools should be taking their students, because the experience I had the first time was unforgettable and I still managed to gather quite an understanding of the history that lies within these buildings. Saint Augustine is not only an educational environment but is rich with culture and new experiences for someone like me, who has remained in South Florida for the majority of her life, traveling often within the US and not many places else (unless you count the cruise I took a couple years back). I will share some of the photographs I’ve taken today with you guys in time.


Have any of you guys been here before?

Any suggestions on what we should do while we spend our time here?


The Rare Occasion When I Curl my Hair


I have never been the type that would style her hair every day. I don’t have the time for it, but I can honestly say the work is worth it from time to time. For a Memorial Day weekend party, I ended up using my curling iron to curl all of my hair and this is the fantastic result! I looked like a mermaid! I give props to anyone who styles their hair on the regular, because my impatience would not stand for it. The burns I endured from this are practically shameful. Nothing heroic or fascinating about a girl who looks like she stuck her hand in a fire, only to realize that she can’t handle heated metal enough to get her hair well done without her skin getting cooked too.

Revamped and Ready to Go

I revamped the entire blog, and added some widgets to assist people in navigating my work. I added some more links on the menu as well, for those of you who would enjoy exploring my other creative projects! Thank you, again, for all the support and love I’ve received and continue to receive on my creative endeavors. Every day is a new adventure, and it’s especially great getting to tackle it with all of you by my side, literally and figuratively!

During this Summer, I am also planning on adding videos to my Youtube channel more frequently like I had hoped before, writing more frequently here, and taking lots of beautiful photographs documenting my life during the Summer! Stay tuned for the creative flow that’s about to come your way.


Who Are You, Anyway?


I could classify myself in a number of ways, put myself in a box so you know exactly who and what I am, but I wouldn’t prefer to, simply because the box is too small. Ultimately, I am an amateur artist that seeks to discover the world on her own. I want to be able to drop everything one day, and just for some time, gather my own education through experience. They say that going to college and getting a degree is a necessary evil (and obviously a fun necessary evil at times), but I’m beginning to realize there’s more out there for me than burying my head in a textbook. Memorizing the scientific names of species covered in class is a daunting task for me (as my memory has no capability of doing this). So what if I could go out and interact with anthropologists that work in the field? What if I could get to “shadow” them for a day and actually physically see the work that goes into connecting the dots between species that have been yet to be discovered? THAT, my friend, would be learning. If I could study all of the subjects I encounter throughout my high school career in such a hands-on method, I think I would be passing, not only with flying colors, but with easy “A’s”. I guess you can just say that…I’m a little different. I prefer using my senses to learn, and I could only hope that one day, somewhere, I will get to do just that.

One thing that I have experienced through my life is the diversity of people you encounter on a daily basis. We are all very different in our ways of communication, thought, and action. I try to believe in the good in people, which slaps me in the face a lot if I look back upon my experiences prior to typing this, but I do also feel that some people DO naturally have great intentions for others. Those individuals are always the ones that are the rarest to find and the most impossible to forget, which makes them well worth the pursuance. I would say that I, myself, am a wisher and a hopeful and manage to do random acts of kindness each day out of genuine care.

I’m also always trying to find new ways to get out there through my creative talents because I feel as if my perspectives on the world and the experiences that I’ve gathered so far within my lifetime could potentially inspire other amateur artists like myself to have the confidence to explore their talents in the spotlight of the world. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, but getting involved on the web has given me a new sense of invigorating freedom to express myself and to cultivate creativity in new and interesting ways. I’ve learned so much from other artists that I’ve interacted with online and I hope to one day feel as if I’ve made a similar difference amongst those that I have interacted with as well.

Hopefully this has given you a proper insight into what kind of individual/writer/artist I am, and I would love if you would subscribe and share with your friends. Sharing is caring! 🙂 Hopefully you find as much joy in my posts as I do when composing them!

Have a beautiful day, all you beautiful people of the blogosphere!