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Playa Chac Mool: A Little Joint with Huge Character

Tonight I had the privilege of eating at, by far, one of the best authentic Mexican food joints I have ever encountered. My first impression was that every item on the menu looked like something that I would be interested in eating, which speaks volumes about the restaurant itself. Everything looked great. I ended up with the Burro Nohoch, which came with fried beans, the burro (containing steak, tomatoes, lettuce, and some sort of special sauce), and rice. The family that owns the joint were so sweet to us, and the father of the family was generous enough to serve us with a huge smile and a song he sung and played on his guitar. It was hard not to feel right at home. I would recommend this joint to anyone in the vicinity, as it is an experience that I will not soon forget.
Thank you for your kindness, hospitality, wonderful service, and incomparably delicious food.


Random Acts of Kindness Make a Difference!

I watched this video today, and it got me thinking about random acts of kindness. If you can, each day, try to do at least one random act of kindness a day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing that you do (hold some doors, help someone carry their groceries!), but anything you do for another being counts! It will bring so much joy and fulfillment to your life to know that you were part of something much greater than just the self!

What random acts of kindness have you done today?
Comment below! 🙂

Carmen, Unconditional Friendship, and (Friendship) Matches Made in Heaven

I’ve never had a friend like my best friend. She’s fierce, competitive, creative, thoughtful, and beautiful. There are times when I’ve been afraid to open up to people, but since the moment I met her, there has never been a doubt in my mind that I could tell her exactly how I feel. I feel grateful to have her in my life, motivating me to pursue my creative talents and challenge my world with a fierce curiosity. She inspires me in so many ways. When times get tough and I need even tougher love, she’ll give it to me, but when I need support, she’s equally as wonderful and helpful at that, too. She’s always been giving towards me, especially in times of need. She let me borrow her old laptop to survive this last time I’ll be spending this semester, cramming for exams, because she knew that mine had broken. That’s a good friend. Someone who’s willing to give to you when they don’t get anything in return but the satisfaction of doing a good deed. I will, however, make sure to wine and dine her at our next Dunkin Donuts outing as a symbol of my eternal gratitude, of course, because if anyone deserves to feel love and happiness, it is my best friend, Carmen.

I think you, as a reader, should think about all the people that have given to you lately. Acknowledge the little things as you do the monumental things, and let people know that you are thankful for everything that they do for you without being asked or without wanting something in return. Don’t let anything slip away without a “thank you”, because you never really know how much that gratefulness means to the other party, too. Who, in your life, takes care of you and treats you as greatly as they do for themselves? Who wants what is best for you no matter what? Those are the people you should especially be thanking. We’re lucky to have people in our lives that love us in the ways that they do. 


Daily Writing Prompt: Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, Happiness is…

1. Happiness is the lingering embrace of a loved one after a long stretch of being apart.

2. Happiness is the sweet taste of coffee upon my tongue in the light of an early morning sunrise.

3. Happiness is a warm smile being received and returned by a complete stranger in passing.

4. Happiness is looking out of your bedroom window and seeing the sunlight tenderly reflecting upon the leaves in the trees.

5. Happiness is breakfast wrapped up in bedsheets after a night of much needed sleep.

6. Happiness is knowing that, in less than a month, I will finally be home in South Florida, enjoying the warm sunshine and comfortable breezes of the ocean.

7. Happiness is a shared laugh with a friend after a stressful day in class.

8. Happiness is acknowledging and accepting that I’m growing up and growing into myself wonderfully.

9. Happiness is slipping on a new pair of heels and a killer new outfit and feeling gorgeous all day.

10. Happiness is taking the world as it is and loving every moment that passes, and every opportunity that awaits.

Thanks for the Caffeine Buzz That I Desperately Needed, Dunkin! – Gratefulness Blog Day 2 – March 31, 2014


So as a lot of college students know, the best lifesaver in the world is none other a great big cup of joe (oh, and freebies, because nobody has the money to pay for everything!). Every Monday, I await my free medium iced coffee from the on-campus Dunkin Donuts and find myself skipping over there excitedly, knowing that I’m gonna have the best, most delicious source of energy known to man for nothing out of pocket! When I showed up today for my weekly free iced coffee in caramel, as always, the woman at the cash register informed me that a tragedy had occurred, and that there were no longer any medium sized cups. I sunk inside, thinking that my tradition had been broken and that, god forbid, I’d have to make my own (but everyone knows it wouldn’t have been half as good!). But then, just as quickly as she had broken my heart, she had glued me back together effectively. “Although we don’t have any medium cups any more, I’ll upgrade you. Would you like a free large iced coffee instead?” That’s like asking if I want free food, or a morning class cancelled, or a Chipotle burrito bowl free of charge. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES I screamed in my head, although, to not sound like a nutbag, I happily accepted. Because of that little gesture on her part, my day was made! Free coffee is one thing, but a free, larger coffee is even greater!

What great things happened to you guys today? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for the Angry Gods! – Gratefulness Blog Day 1 – March 30, 2014


I had this brilliant idea to express one thing that I feel genuinely thankful for each day, and to continue this every day for the entirety of my blog! There are so many things that we experience in our day to day lives that we take for granted and I don’t want to take things for granted. I want to acknowledge those things that put a smile on my face! So here I go. I hope you enjoy!

Today was one of the most rainy, dreary, unforgiving days that I have ever experienced in Orlando. Not kidding, tornado weather (I even got a couple of tornado warnings, all thanks to my rather perceptive university!). I woke up at 12:30 after days of clearly not getting enough sleep, opened my blinds a crack, and the first thing I saw was the whipping rain and winds of an angry sky, and it was one of the most beautiful, peaceful ways to wake up. I am one of those weirdos that loves the sunshine, but equally loves the fury of the gods as a storm comes pouring in upon the awaiting ground and my perfectly unstyled hair. I freakin’ loved it. This isn’t even sarcasm. There’s a warm place in my heart for cold, brutally stormy days. I guess that’s why you could say I’m a fully-adapted and happy Florida girl.