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10 Unexpected Lessons Learned from the Movie, “The Internship”!


I get pretty weary of stupid-funny movies, but I was pleasantly surprised by The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and the ever-so-charming Owen Wilson. I know I’m a little late to the party, but the movie is still worth the post. I thought it was funny, and not necessarily stupid, despite the on and off ratings that I’ve seen. After taking a course that involved quite a lot of film and media analysis, I’ve come to realize that it’s just a fact that I will dig for meaning in practically anything I watch (unless it’s a horror film, which in almost all cases, ends up making absolutely no sense and comes to no actual resolution for the main characters other than unapologetic mass demolition). However, there was no demolition to be had in this film and I found myself laughing a lot more than I had expected.

What have I learned, you ask?

Here are the 10 unexpected lessons I’ve learned from watching the movie, The Internship:

  1. People are so openly judgmental in this film. Yeah, they’re adult men in an internship. So what? If I were on their team, I wouldn’t take a second glance. There are plenty of men and women that are ages 30+ sitting in the same courses as me in college. Why is that any bit different? Regardless though, I’d like to think that how Billy and Nick, the main two guys, coped with the preliminary assumptions tacked upon them by their team was an exhibition of their characters’ determined attitudes. Even after realizing the mockery they were being dealt by their younger counterparts as full-grown men in a college internship program, they managed to gain respect by continuing to earn their place and suppressing the urge to be a poor sport.
  2. Positivity brings success, even if it’s not immediate. When their team bombs the Quidditch match by little to nothing, they still manage to cultivate positive energy through reinforcement. Instead of dwelling in the despair of loss and the looming fear of being ousted from the employment opportunity they had been working so strenuously for, they opt to take on a better perspective in hopes of annihilating their next quest.
  3. I don’t quite understand why The Internship established “stereotypes” almost immediately when the group was doing their introductions or the fact that the only woman in the group seemed to be somewhat insecure and dependent (not my cup of tea, but by the closing of the film, this fact became increasingly insignificant), but from the middle to the very end of the film, not only did those stereotypes fade into the background (hallelujah!), but the group managed to combine each individual’s skills to ultimately earn their victory. In a weird way, this goes to show that our world is full of talented, intelligent individuals, and a skill that I may be strong in might not be a strength for the next person. Therefore as horrible as it may be to work among teams sometimes, it’s beneficial to the outcome of the project. We all bring something different (and hopefully better!) to the table.
  4. Taking a break from work in times of high stress can help spark inspiration. It may even seem counterproductive, but this method actually works when it comes to meeting deadlines. I’m not saying throw back a tequila shot (or many) or get trashed at a club with a bunch of underagers like they did in the film on the night that your assignment is due, but try to give your brain a break. I personally do my best work when I stop inducing panic attacks and redirect my energy elsewhere temporarily. Distraction isn’t always such a bad thing!
  5. In preparation for the following day, one of their most essential challenges during the internship, Billy is left with the painful fact that there are absolutely no shortcuts to studying. Studying requires work, and work requires effort. Sorry, folks. No shortcuts for studying have been found thus far. Hit the books and they’ll hit back…..I guess?
  6. People can surprise you if you avoid judging them by their cover. The cover ISN’T ALWAYS RIGHT. Dana, played by Rose Byrne (known prominently for her role in Bridesmaids and Neighbors, as well as many other films) shoots Nick (Owen Wilson’s character) down over and over out of the assumptions that he wouldn’t be right for her (he’s an easygoing intern, she’s a structured, business-oriented, established employee). They go on one date and she realizes that he’s exactly the kinda of guy she’s looking for, the mac to her cheese. If she hadn’t given him that one chance, just because she had already made an assumption about the kind of person he is, it would’ve been back to square one. People are complicated. It’s going to take a lot more than a glance and some flirty smalltalk to figure someone out.
  7. If every workplace was like Google headquarters in this film (yes, I am aware that this film was also partially shot at a university and that some details are, in fact, fabricated for audience appeal), I feel like employees would have less concerns other than the work that they must put forth. The food is free, they provide transportation, they have nap pods available to the employees (can we make this a thing at universities please?!). You practically would have everything given to you on a silver platter so you could focus on what’s important: quality work.
  8. No angry man, not even Billy throwing a hissy fit, looks serious driving away on a red, yellow, and green Google bicycle. No one.
  9. Pizza makes everything better. They definitely won, not because of their apparent superiority among the other teams, but because of the impromptu pizza party that they happened to throw at the calculation of the teams’ results. They could’ve had my vote, I’ll tell you that. I wonder what phenomenal grade I could receive from buying out a Papa Johns to bring pizza during finals week…What’s higher than an A?
  10. A movie with Owen Wilson doesn’t have to be stupid. It can have some substance, which The Internship successfully proved! I think that Owen Wilson is an incredibly talented actor, but I don’t think the silly movies he’s found himself in do his acting talent any justice. This movie surprised and impressed me. Surprise, surprise. I may even watch it again.

I hope you liked the lessons I’ve learned!

If you can think of any as well, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂


Hi, I’m the Author!: Mandirito’s “Likes” and “Dislikes”

I saw this really great idea on my friend, Vinny’s, WordPress blog and I thought it was an exceptional idea for those of you who follow my blog and would like to know me a little better! So here we go! The things that I “like” and “dislike”! These are just random lists, and are not in order of importance.

Likes (and Loves) :

Romantic Comedies (comedies in general!!) – singing – writing (you could’ve guessed that!) – dancing – Mexican food – promoting myself creatively – photography – equal rights – listening to music – honesty – drawing – Chinese food – painting – easy-going/happy/upbeat music – going to the gym (indoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical, weights, everything!) – utilizing social media effectively – cycling – running (on the occasion) – experimenting with cooking – hot showers – salads (when made right) – sweatpants – rainy days – creativity/creative people – beach-going – yoga – punctuality – cuddling –  laying in the hammock – exploring new places – movie nights – walking around with no pants – bringing my own popcorn to the movies – blazers – concerts (WARPED TOUR!!) – chick flicks – sewing (and altering my own clothes) – planning for the future, planning – coffee (WITH CREAMER) – blogging/vlogging – feminism – receiving flowers (carnations, sunflowers) – making other people feel loved – dresses – spontaneity – having my space sometimes – the Florida Keys – horror movies – boating – fishing (catch and release!) – the CTFxC – the DLV – eating with my fingers – making videos – dressing up nicely every day – heels on the occasion – red lipstick – We the Kings – hot sauce and spicy foods – chocolate – sheets just out of the dryer – creating – romantic gestures – positivity/optimism

Dislikes (and Hates) :

Narcissism – those who do not respect authority – rude kids – ungratefulness – having to make a good first impression – those who are not impressed easily – boredom – rats – messiness – feet – poor listening skills – styling my hair on my own – rap music – R&B music – going to the gym and waiting for machines – cynicism – waiting in line – selfishness – unwillingness to change poor traits – chewing with your mouth open – unnecessary stubbornness – peppers – going to the doctor/dentist – laziness – destructive criticism – lack of motivation – bread (usually) – lateness – homework (obviously) and examinations – cheating – reading textbooks – Greek food (from what I can tell) – raw carrots – textbook prices (HAVE YOU SEEN HOW RIDICULOUS THEY ARE?) – liars – long periods between show seasons (Come back, Pretty Little Liars! D:) – mushrooms antibiotics/medicine – walking in grass with heels – drugs – judgmental people – discouragement – users – shoes with no arch support – pork (usually) – clinginess – unwillingness to try new things – close-mindedness – the color orange (usually) – selfish friends, on and off friends – wasps – short shorts – manipulation – going to sleep after watching horror movies – sushi

Daily Writing Prompt: Do you enjoy spending time alone? What do you do when you’re alone?

Ultimately, I wouldn’t want to end up alone, but spending some alone time has never bothered me. I actually find it therapeutic in a way, as I am not the most social person on the face of the earth. I have my socialization limits, and in between outings, spending time alone is how I…. recharge myself, you could say. I exert a lot of energy socializing, and it’s not to say that I don’t enjoy it, but that I need time in between to leave myself to my own thoughts. With that being said, my alone time is, in fact, enjoyable to me. I like to rejuvenate my energy on my own, and it’s worked successfully this way in the past so I have continued to use alone time as recovery time from everyday stresses.

When I have alone time, I spent a good amount of that time writing, drawing, and painting. Creativity keeps me happy and keeps my mind focused and active, which is always a good thing to have. If I don’t feel like creating, however, I find enjoyment in listening to music, dancing, and spending time outside. I’m also a sucker for a good romantic comedy if all else fails.