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Final Thoughts of 2014


Confronted with the past, we often stand down. We let it consume us, devour the current day and age with regrets of moments we can no longer change. Moments that have passed us.

I won’t stand down. I won’t cry, or regret, or reminisce about the “good ol’ days”. I won’t second guess myself or humor myself with a different outcome that could’ve potentially changed the course of my memories. Today is today, and holds its own potential.

There are moments in my past that I wish I would’ve appreciated then, as I cannot appreciate them in the same magnitude as my memories begin to fade and distort with time. What music was playing at that moment? Who was there? What were their facial expressions? Were they happy, hurt, longing, anxious? Do these little details even matter anymore?

They matter when you think back, but in the moment of the experience, you’re drawn to see the big picture. The details fade into the backdrop and become minuscule, only to arise to the surface in bits and pieces later on, often in unwelcome nostalgic spurts. The concepts are still alive and well and the meaning behind the memories of our past still stands but I’m choosing to pack up these boxes and dispose of the feelings that once gave me happiness but have lately weighed heavily upon my soul. I’ve been progressively releasing my attachment to these moments as they don’t serve my life positively anymore.

I choose to live in the now, but that’s not to say that the time I spent prior to the current day is inconsequential, the experiences I’ve gathered are meaningless. They matter, however some things you cannot change once all interaction has been exhausted, connections have been tampered with and broken, and the passions that you had grown to love, that had once lingered and given you comfort, have grown stale. I’ve grown to accept the shortcomings, regrets, hurt of my past and hope that the future holds better days with even greater joys.

Here is to life, to a new year full of opportunity and lessons to be learned. Here is to new laughs, triumphs, friendships, experiences. To growth, improvement, realizations, creativity, and an awakened zest for all the little things life holds in store.

May this year bring change that exudes confidence towards an even more exciting and fulfilling future, and may the skeletons of our memories be laid to rest. It’s time to move forward.

Next Stop: Saint Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City!


Today has been our first full day here in Saint Augustine and we’ve been on the trolley (I know, I’m being a typical tourist. Sue me.) all morning! The first time I had been here was in the fourth grade (way too young to really experience everything this city has to offer, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it), and ever since then, I had been telling my parents of its beauty and preserved history! I can’t believe that I finally have the opportunity to show them (my parents) around the places that I have visited prior, and to experience the area from an older, wiser perspective. I feel like I’m going to appreciate it much more now than I would’ve back then because now I can soak in all the history and really get a feel for what it was like to be living here in the 1600s (especially through the observation of the Castillo de San Marcos as well as all of these other historical landmarks)! These are the types of places that schools should be taking their students, because the experience I had the first time was unforgettable and I still managed to gather quite an understanding of the history that lies within these buildings. Saint Augustine is not only an educational environment but is rich with culture and new experiences for someone like me, who has remained in South Florida for the majority of her life, traveling often within the US and not many places else (unless you count the cruise I took a couple years back). I will share some of the photographs I’ve taken today with you guys in time.


Have any of you guys been here before?

Any suggestions on what we should do while we spend our time here?


Road Triiiiiip!

Hours upon hours of travel, the excitement of a new destination on our minds. I cannot wait to take some time away!