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Daily Writing Prompt: Dig through your purse and discuss the contents that you find.

One of the best methods to learn about an individual’s interests it to investigate the contents of their purse. Obviously that doesn’t mean dive right in without their permission. With that being said, let’s get started on the contents of my own purse, one that I frequently use and rarely clean out!

The first object I pulled out was my Nexus 7 tablet. This tablet was originally given to me to assist me in my extracurriculars at school, and has proven much more useful than that. When my computer has issues, the first device I turn to is, of course, my tablet, because it’s compact, it can hold all of my assignments, I can access all the necessary resources to get my work done, and it has the same essential capabilities! During the Summer, I like to bring it with my on my Barnes and Noble outings, and other places with free wifi! 

The next item removed from my purse was my Trublend Minerals powder makeup. My skin gets really shiny throughout the day, so I’m usually carrying this when I’m headed out for a busy day so I can manage to get some touch ups every now and then. I’m not a sponsor or anything for this brand, but if you have severe acne like I do, you should definitely give this powder product a shot! It has a beautiful, light finish, lasts a decently long time, and is relatively gentle on the skin! What’s not to love?!

Next up is my “Blazing Lava” lipstick, by L’oreal. It has a red, glittery tint and applies lightly at first, which looks great for everyday use and, when applied heavier, is essential for a night out. I found this lipstick to be a great buy. Originally, I was skeptical about purchasing this particular one because someone in the store had broken it, but I really wanted to try the color, so i let the doubt slide off of my back. And turns out it’s an essential part of my beauty routine!

Here we go. Two Yogurtland spoons. A couple of days ago, my sweetheart and I ended up going on a date to Yogurtland to get some froyo before he went out on a trip with his family. We had an amazing time, I filled my belly with all kinds of sweets, and I got one of those cute little Yogurtland spoons that they give you with your froyo! The best part is that the spoons are all cute and colorful. I don’t even know if they’re reusable, but I reuse them in college. I really can’t ever have enough silverware.

Lastly, I have a water bottle because I can’t go anywhere without one. I have a real problem with not drinking enough water on a daily basis, so having it on hand and weighing down my purse gives me incentive to drink it, and it works! I tend to drink much more water without thinking about it, if I’m carrying it around.

So tell me, what do you have in your purse?

Our Lives in Boxes: The Struggle of College Living Transitions

There’s something unsettling (no pun intended) about getting comfortable in a college living space only to realize that, within a year, you will pack your belongings, your most loved possessions, in boxes once more as if they have no permanent residence in your life. You take all these things that you love and that define the significant themes of your life and carry them with you, from one dorm to another, from one apartment to the next. They don’t have time to grow dust, to indent our furniture. Are their inabilities to mold to the surfaces of our lives what keep them significant, like unopened Christmas presents, waiting patiently under a tree to be revealed, touched, made useful? Do they keep our lives from back home fresh within our memory, rejuvenating our thoughts on family get togethers and hometown reminiscence, simply because we reopen them each year with fresh eyes and new surroundings, adding familiarity to the strangeness of new walls? What about revealing these sentimental things each year keeps them alive?