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Apple Store Conversations that Make me Want to Turn Around and Say, “Did You REALLY Just Say That?”

Today, I was lucky and honored enough to get to come back to the Apple store to figure out my iMovie issues (so I can continue posting YouTube videos for you guys!!) and have, once again, heard a great deal of hilarious conversations between employees and customers. But this time, I’m sharing with all of you wonderful peeps. So enjoy, and try not to pull your hair out. I was tempted, too.


Customer: “I’m here to buy an iPhone! But I have a question!”
Apple employee: “What’s your question?”
Customer: “Can I take selfies on it? Like, selfie pictures?”
*then proceeds to demonstrate how one would take a selfie, accompanied by a duck face, like an APPLE EMPLOYEE, OUT OF ALL PEOPLE, WOULDN’T KNOW*


Customer: “Why is my computer so slow?”
Apple employee: “You have 25,000 emails on your computer. Can we clear them?”
Customer: “Can we just split them between all of my devices so there are less?”


Customer: *approaches Genius Bar* “My name’s Steph. When is my appointment?”
Apple employee: “You have 13 people in front of you.”
Customer: “But I made an appointment.”
Apple employee: “So did they….”


Customer: “I need to update my apps.”
Apple employee: “Type in your password.”
Customer: *begins loudly spelling her password, repeats process twice for emphasis*
Apple employee: “No, don’t yell your password, ma’am. Type it in. Right here.”
Customer: *continues shouting apple store user password until the employee gives up and does it herself to prevent further frustration and possibly an “accidental” “missing customer” crisis*

5 Things that Friends, in General, Need to REALLY Stop Doing


1. Ignoring texts because the person said something you didn’t like or that “offended” your fragile heart. Don’t text people if you’re too fragile to have the conversation take a direction you wouldn’t prefer. If something offends or upsets you, use your “big boy words” and speak up. Everyone has the little things that irk them, but ignoring a text doesn’t make the other person understand your case better and certainly doesn’t redirect the flow of words. How is someone supposed to correct a mistake they didn’t know they made?


2. Not being upfront. If you want or need something from someone, you seriously can’t be angry when they don’t (CAN’T) read your mind and do what you need them to do. The worst that can happen, the very worst case scenario, is that they say, I know, get ready for it….”no”. If they say “no”, that horrid word, the world will not cave under your feet. You’ll just need to figure it out, whatever you gotta do, on your own. No biggy. Or ask someone else who you know will say yes! I’m a yes (wo)man when I know they’re a reliable friend, and I know plenty of people who would be genuinely happy to help, so don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂


3. Changing plans last minute or deciding that another plan, a last minute plan you made after agreeing and confirming to the first one, is preferred and that you’ll cancel on the first one the day of the plan. It’s overwhelmingly rude. If you make a plan, it’s easy to assume that you’re going to stick with it unless something seriously important arises. I’m never gonna bust someone’s balls if their family needs them, or their car breaks down, though, so if that’s the issue, do what you have to do. But if you care more about going to a “sick rager” than catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a good while that regards you highly, it’s difficult to dismiss it. Especially if you’re a repeat offender.


4. Dropping off the face of the earth when one of you has a new boo thang. You CAN have friends while still being in a relationship! What happened to unconditional friends? If you break up, whose shoulder are you going to cry on, and who in the world is going to buy a tub of ice cream for you two to share? Priorities, people. Priorities. No rocky road for you.


5. Revenge hookups. Once again, let’s try to be friends, and attempt to be mature about figuring out quarrels and underlying anger with the people that ultimately need to know. You may be angry at the time and want to take revenge on someone, but it’s such a horrible regret later on when you simmer down and you realize that that friendship will never, ever have the potential of happening again(if it genuinely meant something to you). It ends up hurting you more than it helps you. It’s best to just pick your battles.


What do you think people need to take a “chill pill” with?


Random Acts of Kindness Make a Difference!

I watched this video today, and it got me thinking about random acts of kindness. If you can, each day, try to do at least one random act of kindness a day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing that you do (hold some doors, help someone carry their groceries!), but anything you do for another being counts! It will bring so much joy and fulfillment to your life to know that you were part of something much greater than just the self!

What random acts of kindness have you done today?
Comment below! 🙂

Watch Out! The Weight Police Have Struck Again!

Because I have expressed unhappiness at my current weight (which could easily be fixed on my own, might I add), like a dog with a chew toy, I have experienced others tear through any bit of security and comfortableness I have within myself. It’s shameful of anyone to pretend like they know how a body should look and to take it upon themselves to punish others for not fitting the standard that they consider “beautiful” and “healthy”. Don’t let the judgment of others on you, whether it be your weight, a personality trait they don’t like, your supposed “laziness” as a college student focusing on your school work, whatever, take control of your life. Don’t give other people the keys to your happiness. Not everything in life is about numbers, nor does someone’s weight, out of all things, equal their worth (or less worth, in my case) as a human being. There is much more to each individual than how they look, and this needs to be brought to light. I’m realizing myself in many more ways than this, and I can only hope that I will come across others who will support me through thick and thin, no pun intended. Unconditional love truly is difficult to come by.

Fat shaming is wrong on any level, and so is the existence of needless discouragement and verbal assaults in this world that already implements enough insecurity on its own.

Words hurt.

Reading my Environment: 10 Observations at my Local B&N

1. Piles among piles of magazines that aim to tell young women (teens to twenties) that if they’re curvy (or any shape, really!), they have to wear specific types of bathing a suits, clothes, and COLORS (or non-colors) to avoid looking crappy. Every magazine tells me I should wear black, cover my body up, and stay away from anything that will “draw the eye”. *sigh* I’m going to wear whatever I want, wherever I want, however I want…Done, done, and DONE.

2. There’s an old couple at the cafe trying to order coffee that can barely hear, yelling “What?” every couple of seconds, and they keep making this cashier run circles trying to figure out what they want! This woman really wants to spit in their coffee.

3. I see a sea of T-shirts and jeans, sneakers, and ponytails… No one is feeling fabulous today, I guess. Or maybe they’re just stopping in for a quick coffee run?

4. There are equal parts chatter and faint instrumental music in the background, and it has a soothing effect. It’s like the voices of the visitors automatically vibe with the atmosphere. Unless it’s someone talking loudly on a cell phone. Then it sounds like a broken symphony.

5. First this guy had one kid sitting with him at his cafe table, playing games on his tablet, and now he has about 10. Where did they all come from, and how do they all fit around one of these small, round tables? This tablet is definitely gonna break by the end of my B&N visit. I’m betting on it.

6. Pretty ironic that the “Customer Service” area is deserted. I always feel like my self-sufficiency is at an all time high when I’m here, because I can never find someone to help me find what I’m looking for! But it’s a blessing in disguise, though, because I often stumble upon books and other materials that interest me that I wasn’t initially looking for. A lose to a win!!

7. Without fail, there is always someone that my mom or I run into here each time we visit. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been one time that we haven’t seen someone.

8. Theres a man with a backpack that looks like it’s holding all of his worldly possessions (it’s as big as he is, basically) but I know it probably isn’t because he’s wearing designer brands from head to toe. So what do you have in there?

9. Do they ever play music with words?

10. Since the day I started going to this Barnes and Noble, they’ve always had the same artwork surrounding the cafe roof, displaying famous poets and artists. I can only hope that one day I’d be able to identify all of them. Maybe one day.

It’s weird to think we’re all a product of our surroundings…

We just pick things up from around us, and glue it to our bodies and personalities. Voila. It becomes who we are, how we speak, our opinions, our thoughts, our motives, our strengths, and our weaknesses.

What parts of us were meant to be there from the start, and would have the potential of having developed with or without the influence of our environments?



10 Things You Should Try If You Haven’t Already

* I don’t take credit for the pictures *

1. Painting with your hands on canvas. Bring out that inner child. I swear, you won’t regret it. We secretly all love making a mess.

painting baby hand

2. The “Wreck this Journal” series. It broke me out of my composed ways of creating and challenged me in ways that I didn’t realize it could. It’s always been difficult for me to “destroy” things, and that’s the whole basis of the series!

Heres a tip: It’s best to do when angry. Or stressed out. Unleash your wrath upon those pages!

wreck this journal

3. Hot sauce. On everything. At least once. You’ll never go back. You’ll never be the same.


4. Write a love letter than spills your guts forcefully. Let them know exactly how you feel and don’t leave out any of the mushy details.


5. Attend an arts festival. They’re probably one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been, and the artists are always great to talk to. I’ve met some colorful characters out there.


6. Devote yourself to a series of something and see where it takes you. Whether it be creating, reading, writing, tv series, whatever. Stick to it until the end.


7. Volunteer for the sake of volunteering. Not for your resume, or to graduate high school. Do it for you, and do something that you care about.


8. Make a youtube video showing something that means something significant to you. Tell a story, do a tutorial, document a moment in your life. Share with the world.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4.07.25 PM

9. Try something you’ve failed, all over again. Practice makes perfect.


10. Approach a stranger and give a genuine compliment. Think specific and heartfelt.