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Daily Writing Prompt: Sometimes we need others to help us find our glory, our very best qualities. Who are those people that have or will help you find what is best about you?

Other than my parents, who have always been a significant guiding force in my successes and urged me to see the best qualities within myself, I would have to say that there is one person that has given me a lot of strength. I have never been the type to feel comfortable doing the whole interview spiel, saying that I’m the greatest character in all mankind, because I know that I have flaws just like everyone else. He, however, always brought to surface the best qualities I possessed. He gave me the majority of the confidence I have today, in all aspects of my life. Part of his influence has given me the determination to pursue my artistic talents fearlessly. Through many of my younger years, I was under the assumption that the creations I had made and the creative pursuits I had set my eyes upon were far too competitive and out of my reach. He did all that he could to diffuse that thought. To this day, the influences he left upon me stuck. My personality is significantly less timid, less insecure, and less pessimistic because of his existence in my life at the time. I’m eternally grateful.