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13 Reasons I’m Thankful this Thanksgiving!


It’s that time of year again. The time where we all come together, with friends and family, to celebrate the things that we are most grateful for. Lately, I feel like there are so many wonderful, incredible things in my life that deserve to be noted, but because this is “13 reasons” and not “300 reasons”, I’ll try to limit it to the very best of the best!


1. I finally have my camera charger back! Silly me, and this is going to sound really bad, but when I moved to college for this semester once again, I forgot a tiny little thing that I would need for my camera: the charger. So I had everything, from lenses, to carrying bags, to my DSLRs that I love so very much, and no charger. For either camera. But since I’m back home and spending this week having quality time with the fam, I was able to charge my camera! It’s been way too long, and I’m going to be pretty snap happy for these next couple of months.


2. We always have the best, most delicious coffee at home. It’s one of the little things I miss when I’m away at school. I don’t even know what it is that makes it so much better. Perhaps the fact that it tastes a little stronger, even when it’s sweetened? It’s like crack. That must be the secret ingredient or something…


3. I have time to blog again! With all the craziness of finals week arriving and the closure of my courses in combination with everything else, I have had absolutely no time to write, and I’ve missed it. I do it for you guys because I know you enjoy my work, but I especially enjoy it because in most cases, it feels quite therapeutic to me. Stay tuned for all the new posts coming soon! THEY’RE COMING.

giphy (1)

4. All the positive feedback I’ve received as of late. Even with me being busy and not having as much time lately to write for you guys everyday, you’ve still been so loving and supportive. I’ve barely lost any followers and subscribers, and it means a lot to me that you guys have stuck around!


5. Sleeping in my own bed. It’s a pile of fluffy sheets and copious amounts of blankets that feel a lot like what heaven would feel like if it were a place to sleep. No bed compares to my bed at home, not to knock my bed in my apartment that highly resembles the hardness of blanketed concrete. But yeah.


6. The weather is just gorgeous! I came from school, raining ferociously and wind blowing over bikes, to back home, sunny, breezy, and clear-sky-ed. It’s not even boiling hot. It’s a dream, really.


7. After several months of being away from my family, nothing is more exciting than getting to spend time with them again. I’ve been here for only a couple of days so far and it’s been amazing. I look forward to countless more memories in this week alone, err….these next few days, the last few days…. before I have to head back to take my exams! *sigh*

The child within me weeps at the thought of leaving them and going back to my responsibilities. D*mn you, adulthood.

giphy (2)

8. This is the first time I’ve had an ounce of free time, and I’m clinging to them desperately. My major is definitely for the sleepless, but these breaks help me refocus. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize, even if they’re watery and red from tiredness.

I don’t have a ton of time, but I sure am a professional napper and cryer at this point.

giphy (3)

9. I have access to all my pretty clothes (and BEANIES!) that I didn’t get to bring when I moved away to college. It feels like I have brand new clothes every time I come home because there are so many pieces that I haven’t seen in a while. It gives me inspiration to try new outfits and rewear the clothes that I already have!

See that gif? Yeah, that’s me at college, staring in despair at my overflowing yet empty closet. NOTHING TO WEAR. NOTHING TO WEAR AT ALL.


10. I can finally catch up on my latest guilty pleasure and the most successful procrastination technique I’ve discovered thus far within this semester: the Vampire Diaries series. It’s pretty dangerous when I have time to marathon on Netflix and when Netflix actually has to ask if I’m still there. Someone send help (Is there a life alert for Netflixers?!)!

Oh, and the answer to that question? College. Yep, yep. Feeling nothing. Team no sleep. Kinda numb. Coffee running through my veins. Sweatpants all day, everyday. It really does things to you…..


11. I have time to work on building my audience. I’ve been slacking lately and I feel like my blog has come to somewhat of a stat-standstill, so it’ll be nice to dedicate some time to gaining exposure again. It takes a chunk of time and effort to create and manage a blog, and I don’t want to be that person that gives up when time gets tough! I, no, more like WE, will work through this. I have a good feeling.


12. I’m learning to be much more independent and actually relishing in the independence. I think after a breakup, it’s best to learn how to focus on yourself and what you need to personally accomplish, and I feel like I’m doing that successfully lately. Sometimes I do need to turn my attention to myself and figure out what I want in order to prioritize my own dreams for the future.


13. Everything feels like it’s falling into place. There are times in all of our lives when we feel fluctuation, when things get bad, get a little bit better, but then revert back to what we’ve been dreading. Lately, though, things are looking up. I feel like I’m cultivating a lot of positivity and I hope to maintain this positive outlook for the remainder of the year, and hopefully extend it beyond that. I can honestly say that I feel good, both physically and mentally. Things are looking up (knock on wood).

So now it’s your turn. Go ahead, tell me.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Comment below!


10 Things That Made Me Smile From Ear to Ear Yesterday During My Trip to South Beach! (It’s Never Too Late to Be Thankful!!)


Let’s get thankful. Shall we?


1. The sweet guy that served me coffee at Starbucks on South Beach that told me I’m “a darling”.



2. Finding one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen in my entire life and my mom buying it for me because she knew how obsessed I was!



3. Getting to witness a photoshoot for a clothing company that I love (H&M) for the first time in my life. I got to see the way they changed and styled the model on scene and how they posed her.



4. Meeting a lovely woman in one of the galleries I visited that gave me insightful and crucial advice to help me advance forward in my creative endeavors. She was so sweet, and she definitely gave me some reassurance that I needed!



5. Getting to spend some quality time wandering South Beach with my mom who doubles as my best friend in the entire world! We always have fun when we’re together, even if we’re just running errands.



6. Having my car all tuned up and ready to go for when I move up to college again. It’s such a relief to have another thing to check off of my list before I leave for fall semester. I can’t even believe we’re getting so close to the school year again!



7. Getting to wear a semi-new dress that I bought that makes me feel like a sunflower. It’s so bright and festive! It’s true about what they say when it comes to what you’re wearing. A cheerful outfit can leave you feeling emotionally uplifted!



8. Trying on high waisted shorts that my mom and I both agreed to be adorable on the hanger, only to realize we looked like we could be Erkel’s double in them. Needless to say we didn’t buy them, but we had a great laugh over it.



9. Sometimes the rain can be a downer, but today it made the air so cool after such a hot morning. It was a great change! It’s uncomfortable when you feel like you’re swimming in sweat.



10. Everything today went seamlessly. No traffic jams, no desperation for parking, nothing. Everything was perfect, down to the little things.

What made you smile today?

Product Review: Is the Nap Quilted Throw Blanket from Brookstone Really All It’s Napped Up to Be?!



Let me just take a moment to say that I was skeptical about this product. I am a consumer that very rarely purchases from Brookstone, because on a college budget, it’s overwhelmingly expensive (I’m more of a Target or Walmart kind of gal!). When I visited last time, however, I was attracted to a blanket that was hanging on a side rack in the store. The moment I touched the surface, I was shocked by how great it felt!! Although I knew that it had a great texture and looked well-made, however, the price semi-deterred me. It’s not the cheapest blanket you can find, but the quality of the throw makes up for the price. I must say that it is one of the warmest, softest, best blankets I’ve ever felt. It has a beautiful, smooth satin trim, and the body of the blanket is heavenly on skin! I felt like I was rolling around in feathers all night! The majority of the ratings I’ve seen online were 100% positive (all pros, no cons, and tons of recommendations), and the 37 reviews listed on the Brookstone website all clearly state that they would recommend this product to a friend, which does not at all surprise me. I can honestly say that I had one of the best nights sleep last night than I’ve had in a good while. I would not be reviewing a blanket out of all things unless it was impressive and satisfactory enough to talk about! If you’re ever interested in purchasing a throw, head to your local Brookstone and check it out. You won’t regret giving it a chance, I assure you. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping under a cloud.

I purchased this throw in charcoal grey.


Daily Writing Prompt: Sometimes we need others to help us find our glory, our very best qualities. Who are those people that have or will help you find what is best about you?

Other than my parents, who have always been a significant guiding force in my successes and urged me to see the best qualities within myself, I would have to say that there is one person that has given me a lot of strength. I have never been the type to feel comfortable doing the whole interview spiel, saying that I’m the greatest character in all mankind, because I know that I have flaws just like everyone else. He, however, always brought to surface the best qualities I possessed. He gave me the majority of the confidence I have today, in all aspects of my life. Part of his influence has given me the determination to pursue my artistic talents fearlessly. Through many of my younger years, I was under the assumption that the creations I had made and the creative pursuits I had set my eyes upon were far too competitive and out of my reach. He did all that he could to diffuse that thought. To this day, the influences he left upon me stuck. My personality is significantly less timid, less insecure, and less pessimistic because of his existence in my life at the time. I’m eternally grateful.

Random thought: I wish I could gather all the people who are having a bad day, sit them down, and tell them that it will get better. I want to give them all a big hug.

I think everyone needs someone to sit them down, and really talk through their problems with them. If only I could do that…I have so much positive energy today, and I’d love to share it.

Just know that I’m here for all of you. It doesn’t matter if I know you well, know you vaguely, or don’t know you at all. I’m here to listen if you need someone. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no one to talk to, and I don’t want anyone else to feel that. Today is too beautiful to waste being sad or down.