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The Phrase That Pays (in Good Karma and Peace of Mind for the Both is Us)

Another workout had been successfully completed, and my clothes were, at this point, plastered to my skin by the accumulation of sweat. The satisfaction of the hard work I had put in had left me with a bubbly feeling. My mind was clear, a smile was beaming on my face. We were on our way out of the gym when something very unsettling occurred. A man and what I believed to be his five children (hopefully they were his) trailed behind me. As I always do when I see that I am not walking unaccompanied, I held the door. He walked in the doorway, paused, and legitimately turned around to talk to one of his youngsters. No joke. Mid doorway, did not say one “thank you” nor did he even acknowledge that the door wasn’t, in fact, holding itself. I was honestly infuriated. After what felt like a good 2 minutes or so, they managed to all squeeze their way through without a single word. Angry now, I turned and yelled, “you’re welcome, sir”. He then turned, glared as if I had been the one overstepping some boundary (HOW DARE I HOLD THE DOOR?! How classless!), and continued walking.

Why is it so incredibly difficult to acknowledge that someone, a stranger, is consciously doing something nice for you, when they could just as easily take the door, wait until you’re about to go through, and send it forcefully back in the hopes of smacking you in the face just for sh*ts and grind? I mean, realistically speaking, I probably wouldn’t do that. But why is it so difficult to give a half of a breath (not even!) to show that you’re not taking the action for granted? I’m a total germaphobe so if I open a door in a public place (which I do often), that’s a pretty big thing. I’m obviously not doing it for my health.

I used to think that “etiquette school” was a thing of the past, but I have to wonder if it actually is. Why is it that humanity has to be retaught to people who consider themselves “human“?

What’s your take?

It’s weird to think we’re all a product of our surroundings…

We just pick things up from around us, and glue it to our bodies and personalities. Voila. It becomes who we are, how we speak, our opinions, our thoughts, our motives, our strengths, and our weaknesses.

What parts of us were meant to be there from the start, and would have the potential of having developed with or without the influence of our environments?



If You’ve Had Dreams, You’ve Experienced Fear.


With dreams comes the apprehension that you’re going to fail, but when you believe that you can’t fail and that your efforts are a success on their own, whether you reach your end-goal or not is irrelevant. The work that you put into your dreams ultimately determines what results you receive. Don’t let anyone give you reason to believe that you can’t chase your own destiny.

If You Aim to Write, Be Passionate

I’ve read countless posts where the writer seems less interested than the audience, and that’s honestly not okay. Be proud of your work. You’re exhibiting who you are and your character. You have so much to offer through your words, so make them something worth representing yourself with. Just because they are typed or written does not mean that they should not have a personality behind them. Let your inspiration shine through, and the purpose will speak for itself.

Random thought: long before we outgrow our own child-like curiosity, we are aiding the curiosity of others’ much younger offspring. We are made to grow older much quicker, to aid in the growth of others.

We grow up so fast that we forget that we were once kids ourselves. Our society wants us to believe that it’s better to grow up earlier, when really, we’re just paralyzing our own abilities to see the wonder in the small things that life contributes. We’re quickening the desensitizing process, when we should be a curious community, accepted at all ages for the ability to accept and be thrilled by what is put before us. We should learn together, rather than teach as if we are outside looking in.

This Chapter is Coming to a Close, but Not Without a Hook

It’s been a painful couple of weeks, but today was the day that this chapter of our lives has ended. It’s bittersweet. Suffering the loss of a life is always hard to swallow, especially when you’re close with the one who passed, but when you think of the suffering that the person endured closely before their last moments, you know that it’s for the best. We celebrated my grandmother’s life with an incredible, luxurious dinner on the beach at Casablanca’s, started it off with amazing appetizers (I had a fantastic shrimp cocktail), a spicy shrimp scampi entree (what can I say? I like shrimp!), and a massive lava cake with ice cream that, by the time I finished it, made me want to vomit up my organs. I also thought that it was strange because, in the light of us celebrating my grandmother’s passing into heaven, we heard the song, “Over the Rainbow”, which lately had been very reminiscent of her and her situation. It kind of felt like she was sitting at the dinner table with us, enjoying the copious amount of food.

This experience gave me a new perspective of the expectancy of life. We all expect to live for a very long time, but some of us suffer our lives being cut short, and the luckier of those realize before it’s too late. As for me, though, I’m hoping to stop sitting around on my life. There are times, and places, and people that are in my life that I don’t feel happy with. And I need to be happy. I need to find more purpose, go for more goals, and not be afraid to fall sometimes. It’s such a scary feeling pushing yourself out into the deep end and hoping you can swim, but I feel like the benefits are worth the risk. As of today, I’m going to really live my life, moment by moment, and make it something that I find memorable. I’m not gonna wait for things to get better, or for people to start changing. I’m just gonna go change the world, for myself and others, and see where it all goes. I need this. This past year, there have been so many things that I’ve shy-ed away from because I was afraid of failing, and right now, I think failing is a better option than not trying at all.

10 Things That It Would’ve Been Really Cool to Know Before I HAD to Know Them

1. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. I can’t stress that enough! I was devastated when my computer crashed, but luckily, I was able to back some of the most important stuff before the hard drive was replaced. Please, for the love of all things, do yourself a favor and back up your important document at least. I’m surprised my hair didn’t fall out from the combination of Final’s Week, a broken computer, and online exams that I couldn’t take on my own laptop. Just no.

2. Wear sunscreen for the sake of wearing sunscreen. I know it’s sticky, uncomfortable, messy….blah blah blah. I’ve heard the excuses. But you know what else it does, besides drive you crazy? It protects your skin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to my skin to look like a leather purse when I hit 40. It’s some good advice, especially for those of us who are lucky to live in the Sunshine state. Protect it!

3. If you like a vegetable, don’t question it. Just eat it as much of it as you can. As a kid, I never used to like vegetables, just because they were good for me. But now, for some unknown reason, not only do I like vegetables, but I’m kind of obsessed with broccoli and lima beans. I eat them like candy. I am not questioning this, and neither should you. Stay healthy, my friends.

4. If you feel pain when working out, give it the time to heal. This may sound self explanatory, but working out on a pained muscle is like expecting a computer to update when it’s shut down. It just doesn’t make sense. Like you, I always want to be instantly gratified. I want things to just magically get better, but I also know that most of the time, that gratification won’t come soon enough. Just sit on it, but please, if it’s your leg or foot or something, do not do this literally.

5. Don’t buy clothes that don’t currently fit. You see this gorgeous dress, right? But they only have the size below yours. Bummer, yes. But should you make the spontaneous purchase in the hopes of it being a good choice, and a goal piece? Hell no. Do not do that. Unless you’re already on your way to a slimmer figure, it’s best to just buy for your size. Wear and buy what feels right, not what will feel “right” in the future.

6. Coffee is the blood of the gods. In high school, or at least the beginning of high school, I kinda just laid low on the coffee front, mostly because I was afraid that it would have the same effects as red bull. Crazy right? But you can’t blame me. Red bull gives me all kinds of shakes and shudders. But see, once I discovered coffee….the sunshine of my life came crashing through my eye balls. I could finally stay awake FOREVER. Hours upon hours of applying my energy to whatever I want or whatever I need to do! It’s hard to believe that this realization wasn’t in my grasp sooner!

7. If things don’t go exactly according to plan, or they blow up in your face, learn to take a deep breath. I could’ve used this advice in the instances before in which I had no control over how I felt BECAUSE I was stressed. See, it’s easier said than done, but once you know how to keep your cool when times get tough, it’s smooth sailing. I’m learning an relearning this every single day as a sufferer of anxiety, but it’s given me perspective that allows me to move forward effectively.

8. Magazines can’t tell you what you need to look like. If you’re comfortable in your skin, good for you. Most of us aren’t, and sometimes I even struggle with this still. It’s important to realize that the images portrayed in magazines ARE NOT REAL. I repeat, THEY ARE NOT REAL. They are images that have been idealized. Look at them like they’re art, but do not look upon them like they are what you should be. Not even the MODELS of those images look like that! THEY can’t even measure up to their OWN standards. Be you, because you’re hot and fabulous. But seriously.

9. Discouragement should make you work harder. People will shoot their discouragement at you like bullets. Build a thick skin, and when they think that you can’t do something, gladly prove them wrong. They don’t know who they’re messing with, but I know you can show ’em.

10. Life gets better. I know it may not seem like it. Car broke down? Boyfriend or girlfriend decided that it was time to call it “quitsies”? Exam grades bombed? Life feels like it’s constantly taking headshots and not giving you any time to retaliate? Life does get better. It may not seem like it now, or tomorrow, or the next day. But it WILL. Inveitably, something will happen that will put the ball in your court. Get ready for it.

I hope you guys enjoyed my 10 pieces of advice! These are the little things I have accumulated throughout my own life that have given me perspective for my future endeavors, and I thought they could come to use, maybe, for someone else. I REALLY hope they do.

Do you have any of your own advice?