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If consistency isn’t implemented…

….how can one get punished for not following the guidelines that have yet to be permanently determined, that are relevant to one day but not to the next?
Where is the line being drawn, and why am I not the only one who can’t see this?

Random thought: Even if you’re a simplistic person, life will not always deal you simplistic cards

There will be a challenge to every chase, but mastering or failing that challenge with a positive disposition is what separates you from the rest of the pack. One thing that is always in your grasp is the control you have over your attitude. Although your obstacles will not be fully eliminated by this way of thought, the journey will be significantly lighter upon your shoulders.

Random thought: I think there’s GOOD REASON for why I check my drink cup before I actually take a swig.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how stupid and paranoid that is and then, recently, I came back to my coffee cup to find THREE FLIES floating around on the surface. Not one. THREE. THAT’S why I’m the paranoid freak that I am. That is the exact reason.




Random thought: If you’re oblivious to the truth, what truth do you know?

How can you reason when your head is clouded with the bias of what you wish to believe as the truth?


Random thought: Sex and the City should be called Clips and Commercials

I swear. You watch one episode, and after every 2 minute clip of the show, there’s a barrage of commercials that take up at least 4 or 5 minutes…… These are the reasons why we can’t have nice things….

Random thought: Don’t speak, we can’t tell.

Nobody can force the words out for you. Sometimes you have to be fearless. Don’t let your thoughts and feelings remain suppressed out of the avoidance of judgment. Judgment is everywhere and frequent. Only you can preserve your character.

Random thought: long before we outgrow our own child-like curiosity, we are aiding the curiosity of others’ much younger offspring. We are made to grow older much quicker, to aid in the growth of others.

We grow up so fast that we forget that we were once kids ourselves. Our society wants us to believe that it’s better to grow up earlier, when really, we’re just paralyzing our own abilities to see the wonder in the small things that life contributes. We’re quickening the desensitizing process, when we should be a curious community, accepted at all ages for the ability to accept and be thrilled by what is put before us. We should learn together, rather than teach as if we are outside looking in.