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The Phrase That Pays (in Good Karma and Peace of Mind for the Both is Us)

Another workout had been successfully completed, and my clothes were, at this point, plastered to my skin by the accumulation of sweat. The satisfaction of the hard work I had put in had left me with a bubbly feeling. My mind was clear, a smile was beaming on my face. We were on our way out of the gym when something very unsettling occurred. A man and what I believed to be his five children (hopefully they were his) trailed behind me. As I always do when I see that I am not walking unaccompanied, I held the door. He walked in the doorway, paused, and legitimately turned around to talk to one of his youngsters. No joke. Mid doorway, did not say one “thank you” nor did he even acknowledge that the door wasn’t, in fact, holding itself. I was honestly infuriated. After what felt like a good 2 minutes or so, they managed to all squeeze their way through without a single word. Angry now, I turned and yelled, “you’re welcome, sir”. He then turned, glared as if I had been the one overstepping some boundary (HOW DARE I HOLD THE DOOR?! How classless!), and continued walking.

Why is it so incredibly difficult to acknowledge that someone, a stranger, is consciously doing something nice for you, when they could just as easily take the door, wait until you’re about to go through, and send it forcefully back in the hopes of smacking you in the face just for sh*ts and grind? I mean, realistically speaking, I probably wouldn’t do that. But why is it so difficult to give a half of a breath (not even!) to show that you’re not taking the action for granted? I’m a total germaphobe so if I open a door in a public place (which I do often), that’s a pretty big thing. I’m obviously not doing it for my health.

I used to think that “etiquette school” was a thing of the past, but I have to wonder if it actually is. Why is it that humanity has to be retaught to people who consider themselves “human“?

What’s your take?

Insincerity at its Finest: Humanity Lacking Human Nature

It drives me mad how many times people give insincere “sorry’s” and “condolences”. You might as well not even waste your breath, because the fact that you only care to communicate with me now, and not only that, but spit a half-a**ed “sorry” in my direction, just goes to show that you don’t have an ounce of sympathy to spare. Shame on you and your lack of social etiquette. Stick a fork in it and keep chewing. You certainly don’t need your teeth for talking anyway.

And as for the people who care…Rock on. Do your thing, because you’re doing it right. Those who were there as a shoulder and open arms have been and continue to be my “rock”, so to speak. You were brought up right, and should do whatever it takes to remain sympathetic, empathetic, and caring towards others. More people need to have your kind of attitude. For heaven’s sake, finding sincerity in this world is like picking up a grain of sand on a beach from a pile of millions of ’em. I feel like I have to really cherry-pick my friends, and it sucks. Honestly. 

When did some of you lose your ability to be human, and what the heck did the world do to you that put you in your place that way? When did you stop understanding trying to understand someone else’s pain?

Don’t Tell Me That “I’ll Grow Out of It”

Seriously, I resent people who tell me that I’ll “grow out of my acne” and that “my skin problems are just hormonal”. Yeah, sure. SO MANY HORMONES. You haven’t had enough time for your hormones to settle down. It hasn’t been enough centuries. Stop being so overdramatic! Nobody cares about your skin. Nobody even notices it. Oh? They’re asking about it? Well, how many people haven’t asked about it? You’re fine! Your boyfriend loves you, right? He doesn’t mind.

Those who haven’t experienced severe acne in their adult years have not understood the realest form of hell, and are excruciatingly insensitive. Case and point. I’m tired of hearing all the excuses that people make offhandedly when I get frustrated with my skin, all the excuses they make that won’t suffice. They know nothing about what I suffer because of it, because they have yet to experience such a horrible flaw on the one part of their body that everyone looks. When you speak, when you maintain eye contact…..your face is where people look. It’s painful, frustrating, and impossible to get rid of. They say it’s my diet? I’ll stop eating everything bad for me. Nothing will change. They say it’s hormonal? Well, what can I do about that? They say it’s because I’m not clean? Oh boy, do not even go there.

So far, I have been everyone’s failed project. It’s been great. Really, it has. But I’m seriously done. If karma is real, I am begging to know what kind of horrid crime I committed in a past life that left me with this.

No Good, Very Bad Day

I’d be lying if I said that today wasn’t awful after what just happened. I try to be an optimistic person, and in practice I often am, but my day went from great to horrible in a matter of thirty minutes when my MacBook Pro completely stopped working. Decided it was done helping me study and prepare for my upcoming exams, and decided that it needed a break more than I do. As we speak (or as you read, more like), I am typing this on my iPhone. Don’t really know how I’m typing this when I’m rolling my eyes this hard. Pretty sure I’m on the verge of an emotional breakdown after this week and all of it’s obstacles, but I’m just going to do some yoga and see if I can exert some of this negative energy before I do anything out of stress or anger, and hopefully that will get me calm enough to sleep soundly tonight. Sometimes we’re dealt cards that we’d do anything not to take, but we have no choice. We have to take what life gives us and try to make it into a lesson learned. So here’s my lesson: never trust a MacBook, no matter if it’s working fine or not, because it will, in fact, come back and bite you in the a**, even if it’s not hungry. Seriously. Why now? Why before finals week? Why before I have projects to turn in, that were also on my laptop? I guess it’s time for me to get creative about my studying and try to focus on the positives in my life. In light of positivity, I will now list the things in my life that are going right for me, as of now.

1. I have exceptional grades right now. I’ve been busting my butt all semester to get straight A’s, and although I don’t have straight A’s, I’m going to end up having A’s and high B’s, with the exception of one rather difficult class. I’ll take it!

2. I was able to take a 4 hour nap today, which made up for all the sleep I lost during the week staying up late. Naps after a long week are the best medicine.

3. I had a really great dinner. I made a huge dinner salad with romaine, light Caesar, Parmesan, tomatoes, and diced chicken. It was definitely the most satisfying meal I could have, seeing that my fridge is running on empty because I’m trying to finish all the food I already have before move-out day.

4. I’ve become adapted to not having coffee this week. I haven’t had creamer for my coffee all week so I haven’t had any coffee, and therefore I haven’t been energy buzzed. I think, from time to time, it’s good to lay off the coffee. I think I’ll survive until move out day without it.

5. My mom makes me smile. She texts me all day long sending cute little emoticons and cheering me on when I’m in a bad mood. I really need that kind of support right now, but I know she’s asleep. She’ll cheer me up tomorrow, I bet. She always knows how to bring me up when I feel down like this.

6. I finally learned how to curl my hair. After burning myself countless times, I found a way to do it that gives me the results I like without third degree burns!!

7. My classes are finished, as of now. All I have left are exams and then I can come home and relax for a few months, which is definitely enough incentive to get me up and moving for these last couple of weeks. My motivation is dwindling, but getting to come home and see my family and friends is worth the work and struggle. I’ll get through this knowing they’re my reward.

8. I got to watch all my favorite vlogger’s new videos today, which always make me laugh. It’s good to see others happy when you’re down, because happiness is contagious in a way. The CTFxC and DLV are always my go-to’s when I need a good pick me up, because they’re just the happiest, most easygoing people. It shows me that there’s more to life than frustration, and that there’s a bright side no matter what the situation.

9. I’ve gotten much more traffic on my blog lately, which I am eternally grateful for!! The support and love I’ve gotten on this project in my life is incomparable, and it’d be nothing without all of you cheering me on alone the way. The WordPress community is a community of individuals that are driven my creativity and intellectual thought, and you’re all so stimulating to me. If I can provide anything to your lives through my writing, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. You guys all inspire me.

10. I’m actually going to hit the bed early tonight to avoid staying up and stressing over this. I think the sleep will get my head clear for the hard couple of weeks ahead of me, and prepare me to take on the challenges of efficiently studying for all of my exams. This sleep will really rejuvenate me and get me back on my optimistic thought train, which is an absolute must right now.

I hope you guys are having a better night than me, and remember, whatever situation you’re going through, there’s always something to be thankful for. Do your best to see the light, even in times of darkness. You got this. If I’ve got this, you’ve definitely got this.

From Everything to Nothing in the Blink of an Eye


Something I have struggled with throughout my life is the concept of losing a friendship. And I’m not talking about the justified loss of friendship. Not because you had a fight, not because you don’t like each other anymore. Just due to time, distance, and difference. How is it that people can grow so close, so accustomed to each other’s little habits and quirks, tell each other each and every minute detail of life down to the things you’d probably never ask to know….and they can grow apart, act as if they’ve never met not spoken? How is it that one day, you can know each other’s “type”, each other’s favorite movies and food, and the conflicts that arise in their family matters that irk them to no end, and then another day goes by or even several, and suddenly those little details of each other’s personality are flushed down the drain never to be retrieved or recalled again? Is it ever really that easy to forget? Are good friends so easy to replace that they shouldn’t be given the appreciation they deserve for the time and effort they’ve contributed to the relationship? Why are we so ready to let go, when we have so much to hold onto?

Since When Did Every Spot Become a Blind Spot?


Large campuses house an equally large population of students. I get that. But I do, however, have a fight to pick with students, people in general, that can’t let go of their phones when they’re walking on campus. Why is it that, when I am slowly weaving through the maze of students on my way to my morning class, barely keeping my bike moving, or even upright, at the pace that I’m treading along, that the majority of them are legitimately not looking in front of them before they walk? What text message is so important that you have to answer it in the middle of the road, the middle of the sidewalk, in a doorway? Stop flailing your arms and throwing f-bombs and shooting the bird when you’re the one making the mistake, my friend. It’s not car driver’s fault that they’re driving where they’re designated to drive, or the bike rider’s issue to watch your back when you’re not even watching out for yourself. When is it ever okay to stand in the middle of the road, with or without a phone, if there’s traffic present? That phone you have glued to your face? Yeah, that. It’s a safety hazard. For both you AND me. And you know what? The fact that you think it’s your right to choose that for the both of us just plain sucks. You suck. I hope that text was worth raising my blood pressure, because right now, it’s boiling.