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Our Lives in Boxes: The Struggle of College Living Transitions

There’s something unsettling (no pun intended) about getting comfortable in a college living space only to realize that, within a year, you will pack your belongings, your most loved possessions, in boxes once more as if they have no permanent residence in your life. You take all these things that you love and that define the significant themes of your life and carry them with you, from one dorm to another, from one apartment to the next. They don’t have time to grow dust, to indent our furniture. Are their inabilities to mold to the surfaces of our lives what keep them significant, like unopened Christmas presents, waiting patiently under a tree to be revealed, touched, made useful? Do they keep our lives from back home fresh within our memory, rejuvenating our thoughts on family get togethers and hometown reminiscence, simply because we reopen them each year with fresh eyes and new surroundings, adding familiarity to the strangeness of new walls? What about revealing these sentimental things each year keeps them alive?