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Awakened by Thunder that Shook my Walls

Long before my alarm had gone off this morning, a storm had hit that left me wide awake, shaking from the shock of the booming thunder. Usually I can sleep through rain, but this is not just a gentle rainstorm. The skies are angry and stirring with the ferociousness of one that had been pushed around one too many times, and I don’t see a possible end to this anytime soon.

There’s also something very comforting about being cuddled up in warm blankets, watching the rain pass over your window. When the lights are all off and you’re tucked away, it feels a lot like camping, which is probably why I loved these kinds of storms growing up!

Am I the only weirdo that waits for these kinds of angry rainstorms? They’re the best coffee-drinking weather!


A sleepy beach trip is nothing without a group of rambunctious geisers shouting to each other about the glory days, wild plans that will ensue (something about…swinging?), and the incredible failures their children have become.

…as well as offering each other lap dances and laughing too hard about it, only to come to the conclusion that another beer is a bigger priority, seeing as the beer prior to this one has prevented them from being able to get up without toppling over, let alone exhibit their exotic dancing skills.

Welcome to Summer, folks.



My First OOTD Video: Floral Vibrance

Enjoy! 🙂

Revamped and Ready to Go

I revamped the entire blog, and added some widgets to assist people in navigating my work. I added some more links on the menu as well, for those of you who would enjoy exploring my other creative projects! Thank you, again, for all the support and love I’ve received and continue to receive on my creative endeavors. Every day is a new adventure, and it’s especially great getting to tackle it with all of you by my side, literally and figuratively!

During this Summer, I am also planning on adding videos to my Youtube channel more frequently like I had hoped before, writing more frequently here, and taking lots of beautiful photographs documenting my life during the Summer! Stay tuned for the creative flow that’s about to come your way.


5 Thoughts that Occur in the Closing Days of Finals Week

Now that my second year of college has finally come to a close, I wanted to share the thoughts that I find are very common during these anxiety-filled closing days of the semester. We’re all stressed, and therefore everything seems like a much larger task than it actually is. But the incentive of summer is well worth the sleepless nights and unsightly exam attire that precedes it.

What are your exam week thoughts?


1. Another early morning AGAIN? Do I really have to set an alarm hours early for another morning exam? I don’t even want to get out of bed. I don’t want to move. Wow, my sheets feel so nice right now. I wish they’d engulf me. My eyes are closing….Oh no….maybe it can snooze for another hour….Yeah, I can afford that….I’ve kinda studi…..studied……*passes out*

2. I don’t want to put on clothes. I don’t want to get cute today. Where’s my makeup?….I don’t need makeup….Sweatpants it is…..Baggy jacket? Sounds good, too. Mmm…..I feel like I haven’t gotten out of bed, in all these comfy clothes….I wish I could just sink into them….disappear in their fluffy goodness…..

3. It’s been a whole 10 minutes of nonstop studying. I think I deserve a snack….Maybe I could browse Facebook a little bit…..it couldn’t hurt…..Wow, this looks like a funny video….This reminds me. I haven’t watched my show in a while, and they have a new season on Netflix, too! Okay, one episode, only one….*finishes episode* Wait, Jack did what? No. No. No no no no no. I need to know what happens…. *repeat process of procrastination for the next three hours*

4. I studied. I feel confident. I’ll pass with an A. *gets into test room* I know I’ll get at least a B. *tests are passed out, and you start to feel butterflies in your stomach* As long as I pass this exam, I’ll be good……

5. Exams are done. I can breathe. I can finally breathe. Everything is great. *gets text from parents explaining when they’re coming to pick up you and your packed apartment* Oh no. That’s what I was missing. My room…..it’s a mess, all of it…….THEY’RE COMING TOMORROW. NOTHING IS PACKED. WHERE’S MY PACKING SQUAD? CAN WE RAINCHECK? OH GOD, IS THIS SERIOUSLY ALL ON ME? (Yes, yes it is)

Absence and Transitions

Today has been an excruciatingly busy day for my boyfriend and I, as we’ve been packing his apartment room to transition him back home for the Summer. It’s always nice to feel the emptiness of these tiny apartment rooms, but the work that comes into play in order to establish that comfortableness is astounding to me. Four people, he, his parents, and I, all packed his room and just the organization itself took hours. I can only imagine the pain and suffering that will ensue when the time comes to pack my own apartment room, since I am a girl and tend to have many more clothes, accessories, and things than he does. Thankfully, this will be the last time I will be doing this. In the coming semester, I will have a permanent living situation for the following two school years and will finally be able to relax after finals, instead of the usual scrambling to pack prior to the housing deadline. I think the packing is half the battle, with all the crap we have to do on the side. Sometimes I wonder how I get everything, or even anything, done. At this rate, I really just want to sleep. I do want to write, too, but sleeping would be the very best thing for me right now. Uninterrupted sleep. For at least 10 hours. Or maybe 20 if I’m lucky.

I hope all of you college students out there are pushing through your finals like I am, and if you’re not crawling on your hands and knees, bloody with sweat and tears pouring from your face, you need to get it together. A couple more days and we all get to relax. How does that sound?

Regardless, I won’t be writing as much, I assume, for the next couple of days because I will be committing said actions above, and making sure all the exam information I need is force-fed into my brain until my ears start gagging Anthropology and Art History. It’s really the only way to go. Thank you for all the support and love that’s been sent in my direction, and I cannot wait to interact with you guys once again when all of this mess has been completed and pushed out of my way. I’ve got a couple more obstacles ahead of me, but I’m pulling through. I’ll be seeing you guys at the finish line.

Strange to Think That the Roles have Reversed.


As a kid, parents and relatives will always tell you that “school should come first”. School should always come first, before socialization, leisure, and everything else. I find that agreeable. But what about when your obligations for school take away your ability to enjoy leisure and to pursue your own activities? What is the wise advice to give in that situation?

As most of us college students realize, finals week is looming around the corner, and we’re all saddling up to get our acts together for those big, stressful, coffee-filled days. But as those days approach, crawling closer by the hour, I can feel my anxiousness rising within me. It’s not even because of the exams, because believe it or not, I don’t suffer half as much during exam weeks in comparison to those who surround me, with their racked up history courses, 18 credit hours, and needy minimum wage jobs barking at them to keep their hours in check. Now it may seem minimal to others who may not relate, but during these weeks, all of my creative freedom and inspiration is diminished. I go from a right brainer to a hardcore left brainer in a few days, which throws off my ability to write, for one thing. I can feel it right now, actually. I spent my whole morning staring, glaring at the empty post form in front of me, and weirdly, I did not know what to say. When have the roles reversed? When has school begun to project its fury upon my creative outlets?

This has become a common thing for me, by the end of the semester and the completion of each college year specifically. By then, I’m just trying to crank out the last few projects and assignments and, if all goes well, exceed during exam week. It’s like my creative pursuits no longer exist in my world. Which leads me to my next point, for those who read these regularly and count on my daily posts. Please forgive me if I become absent in this coming week, week and a half. My head will be so far into my textbooks that I won’t be able to do anything else until my work and courses feel complete and I am satisfied with the effort I’ve put forth. My efforts will be contributed full-force to my education and not much else. However, despite taking courses in this coming Summer as well as working at the gym I’ve been longing to return to since I’ve left for sophomore year, once I finish my courses for this semester, I will have large amounts of time and inspiration to throw onto this page for you guys. I’ll definitely have a lot more to say, seeing as how lately I’ve resorted to keeping my mouth shut about certain situations in my life that I am dying to discuss on here once I’ve escaped this….living situation I’ve found myself in. Trust me when I tell you, I will be an open book once the storm has passed.