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NEW BLOG INSTAGRAM: Let’s be friends!

I’ve decided to make a BLOG INSTAGRAM so I can connect with all my readers (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU), so if you’d enjoy having my company on your dashboard (or want to be best friends), go ahead and click the follow button on:


In addition to that, you know the drill. I have a Facebook page for the blog as well, if you click the following link:


Stay beautiful, and thank you for your undying love and support. I’m so thankful that, one day, I decided to start a blog and really stick to it. I feel so encouraged by this project and I look forward to many years ahead of continuing joy and discovery in this journey as a writer. This is only the beginning.



Come “Like” Mandirito on Facebook!

Come “Like” Mandirito on Facebook!

I would love to have your company over there, too!